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Rose Maple
"I'm the older, aura sensitive sister~!"
Leafy the Serperior ♀

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Mary Maple
"And I'm the younger sister who believes in the power of love~!"
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Mary's eyes lit up like the sun at the sight of Reanne's war bonnet. Her chest tightened with anticipation and a soft little gasp escaped her as she took a deep breathe at the sight. Oh. My. Freaking. Arceus. ...She was working with so much more hair than she originally anticipated! And it was braided! She was going to get to braid that back up~! "No way... Your hair is wonderful, Reanne~!" Mary chirped rather affectionately before beginning to set to work on it. Thankfully, Reanne's trust paid off. Mary had a gentle and purposeful touch, always very aware of any knots she came across and never tugging all that hard when she encountered them. It seemed like she took special care to treat Reanne's hair with as much love as she treated her own. It was likely that it would take her quite a bit of time to finish, but she worked diligently without complaint.

Nearby, Rose was not sure whether to pity Reanne or continue being jealous of her. One of the benefits of having shorter hair was that she didn't often have to deal with... that. Yet, it seemed like they were both enjoying themselves. --Nope, wait. There it was. Jealousy. Yeah, definitely jealousy. She quietly took a moment to try and snuff that emotional wildfire out. She had to stop thinking that way; it wasn't proper, and it was going to start hurting if she let those feelings run wild.

Mary popped her head out from behind Reanne to address the conversation going on with a smile that didn't at all reflect any of the hardship they'd been through. "My name's Mary, and this is my sister Rose! We're from Unova." she explained, drawing Rose back from her thoughts. Her gaze drifted to Nathaniel in particular. She was trying to read his aura to get a read on him. However, once again she didn't find what she was looking for. This time, that was probably a good thing. "Let's let our Pokemon do all of the fighting between us. We're not going to be able to rely on any sportsmanship from the land itself, so better enjoy it while it's not in short supply." she thoughtfully chimed in in agreement. I mean, if all the death on arrival hadn't made that clear she wasn't sure what would. "Like my sister Mary said, my name's Rose. Rose Maple. Nice to meet you guys too!" Rose introduced, her gaze shifting to Manny. " . . . Your name sounds a lot like 'manly'. Is that on purpose?" Rose light-heartedly accused, giving Manny a playfully shrewd look. It was his turn to fall under her piercing gaze as she attempted to read his aura. "This is our first journey away from home, but we've been getting to know our pokemon for a while now and we both felt like we were ready to challenge ourselves." Rose explained. At this, Mary leaned out from where she was delicately braiding Reanne's hair with the handle of her hairbrush gripped between her lips.

"Mnoeshnot!" she interjected, unable to speak clearly. It sounded like an objection, though. Rose passed her a glance, smiling lightly at her before returning her attention to no one in particular. "I mean--That's why I'm here anyway. Rose just wants to travel and see the world. I don't think she even cares if she wins this thing." Rose sassily remarked. Mary took the brush from her mouth at this remark, no longer needing both hands to keep the braid she'd just finished from falling apart. "That's not true! I want to give it my best shot so I can support my pokemon and my new friends later~!" Mary explained rather cheerily. "By that you mean you want of us to win." Rose flatly accused, receiving a little shrug in response. "--Well, yeah! I know how important it is to you. I think I'd be happy as long as the winner is one of my friends." Mary replied as if it were the most obvious statement in the world. Rose softly rolled her eyes. She knew that that just meant Mary would be trying to befriend as many people as she could along the way. She just had to keep an eye on Mary to make sure no one took advantage of her better nature. She'd probably be really popular with any boys their age they came across, knowing what boys their age were like.

Seeing that the crowd had started to thin a bit, Mary decided it was time to take Reanne up on her earlier request. No secrets. "My sister Rose has strange eyes. She sees stuff nobody else can. Mary explained in a rather goofy attempt to sound spooky and mysterious. This drew a rather visible flinch from Rose, whose eyes widened in alarm at Mary's choice of words. She seemed to become very uneasy, lowering her gaze to hide her eyes behind her bangs and squirming slightly where she stood. " . . . I'm not crazy. Please don't look at me like I'm crazy." she softly replied in a very nervous tone. It seemed like Rose was a little sensitive about being crazy 'seeing things', whatever that meant. One got the impression that she was probably crazy and would react violently if you used that word she had probably suffered some ostracization, partially as a result of her condition. "She's fiiine. I like her strange eyes~!" Mary light-heartedly added. She, of course, would be diligent in continuing her work on Reanne's hair, even if they got off of her musharna and walked into the pokemon center. She was probably about halfway done.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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