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    Hmm, how should I describe it? We Trainers came from different places, cultures, and now we're tied to an objective we didn't have to agree with in the first place -- the contest, one of the several things that intrigued our curious-minded will. They told me it will be a short trip once we got on the bus, and it was. I sure hadn't known the exact time, though I could only see how lilac the skies were, almost as if evening is about to replace noontime.

    Each time I see a cactus had gone past, I got the feeling that I'm sitting my way through, nearer to the unknown, further from home. It's been just a day that I got here, but I've never thought that I'd miss my old lonely life back in where I used to live. I imagine how it was like to stargaze from the rooftops... counting how many bright things and write them off everyday, making a wish whenever it falls... floating on Shimmer to see if I could grasp myself one at my leisure...

    ...Yet in here, the gaze of the barren land blending in with the grasslands is just as amazing, I couldn't never get tired of seeing things like these. If it was to impress people from the outer world, it sure did succeed to make me feel like home. But of course, this isn't where I should sleep on a sleeping bag. Night have always been awfully chilly that I'm too used to wear this gift from my father, even in my sleep, and today, I had taken it off because Mary wanted to adjust my hair the way she wanted it.

    I couldn't really shake off how I feel about being attached with somebody, but I did realize one thing, that being in one's company makes me feel comfortable. It makes me wonder still, where they could have gone? That's my only wish, and I'd be more than grateful once I caught vision of them. Someday...

    Once the second bus had stopped on its tracks, being the nearest to the door side, Reanne pushed the door wide to reveal a newfound atmosphere surrounding her and the group before her. She set her foot on the road, trying to get a clearer view of the city in the open, eager of how lively the place proved to be. Reflections of various lights of a rainbow were very dominant in the eye, and in the distance afar, blurred a burning golden glow that reeks pure commerce.

    "So it seems. We've arrived." Said Reanne, spreading her stiffening arms wide, taking in things bit by bit as she faced through the group who should've followed suit. Though, her attention were driven away as music started to spike up at the other side of the bus' entrance. Slowly, Reanne made herself appear to see a crowd of people and Pokémon, watching a man in white suit making his introductory speech toward the supposed competitors. They weren't so late, after all.

    ...And of course, it didn't take long for him to finish. Though some of the listeners weren't very enthused with his manners, most of them gave a nod towards each other, and the rarer species did threw off his clothes while screaming loudly, drumming his belly with unmistakable hype. ...But why? Scratching that detail, the most important thing to discuss is what should they do before dawn comes.

    "...That was...most unusual." Reanne expressed herself toward what she just heard, and saw. It dissipated soon enough from her enough as she picked up her tone back to ask the group, "But anyway, I'm sure most of us are taking part of this contest, right? So, have any of you got some suggestions? Places to visit and so on, before we get ourselves a free pass inside that one hotel?"
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