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Rose Maple
"I'm the older, aura sensitive sister~!"
Leafy the Serperior ?

Dahlia the Honedge ?

Shao the Mienshao ?


Mary Maple
"And I'm the younger sister who believes in the power of love~!"
Peach the Gardevoir ?

Venessa the Mawile ?


Rose's playfully faux suspicion melted away when Manny played along, chuckling good-naturedly at his response. It was nice to stop and laugh a little after an uncomfortable brush up against death.

...The bus finally arrived, and the two sisters were spurred along to their final destination. Upon their arrival, they quickly joined Reanne in stretching after their long bus ride. Or well--Mary did. She'd managed to stay awake, while Rose wound up falling asleep against her. Speaking of Rose, she was looking slightly disheveled, but thankfully a...--well not a good rest but an okay one, proved to be enough to take her mind off of her anxieties for the time being.

"I really like that cool cat giving the speech." Mary murmured to Rose, keeping her voice relatively low so that they could still hear the speaker. Rose's brow furrowed. "...Dude, that dude puts more product in his hair than we do." Rose replied in disapproval, matching Mary's quiet volume. "He must love his hair even more than we do." Mary replied. "...That's not love. He looks like he smells like he looks." Rose replied rather flatly. "He looks like he could star in a movie! I bet he owns a BMW and an MBA~" Mary cheerily replied, unfazed. Rose shook her head. "Maybe as the grody villain... What are you--?" Rose began, only to do a double take as the speaker brought up love hotels. Huh? Had she misheard that? "Oowow!! Love hotels~!" Mary gushed, her eyes full of stars. That sounded like ... the most amazing hotel ever conceived! "...No." Rose firmly stated. "--But why? I wanna get my freak on~!" Mary innocently replied, thrusting her hands together in a pleading motion. Rose's face twisted a bit in mild disgust. She reached out and gently pressed her finger to Mary's lips, hushing her. "Shut--...Don't ever say that again. This is what Mom and Dad warned us about. Besides, ...I don't think those places are for girls." Rose softly scolded, passing a shifty glance over her shoulder as she tried to banish those thoughts. "But I see girls heading into one of the hotels right over there!" Mary countered, pointing over the crowd. Rose followed her gesture, catching sight of a group of women in matching uniforms. "I think those are employees." Rose explained. "...But why would they direct us to a hotel that isn't for girls?" Mary asked in confusion. Rose sighed softly. "...Honestly Mary, a lot of girls' parents probably wouldn't let them travel to a faraway region alone. That or they're chasing boys and settling down near their home town instead of adventuring. ...You know Mom got fired just for having us? It's still kind of a boy's world out there. Most of the contestants are probably boys too." Rose explained with mild distaste for the topic. "Oh... I guess that makes us rebels without a cause~!" Mary remarked, raising a fist and flexing an arm in an enthusiasticly competitive gesture and flashing a wink at Rose and Reanne, assuming the other was paying attention. Rose softly chuckled. "Sure. Why not. Just stay out of any love dens or anything weird like that. We're just here for the beds. ...The empty ones, with no one else in them." Rose decisively explained, only for her choice of words to immediately betray her and earn her an entirely bewildered look from Mary as she went on to correct herself. Her sister didn't have a clue what she was on about, and it showed on her face. Oh well...

Turning to Reanne, Rose smiled half-heartedly. "Hey Reanne? What do you think about going after those tribes? I figure we can battle any time we want any region we want, but we'll never get another chance to take on the tribes and whatever challenges they have in store for us. Plus, we can all get into the championship together that way!" Rose suggested. Mary considered this for a long moment. The logic was sound. The path was lined with mystery, intrigue and adventure. Her heart raced at the thought. "Oooh... I like that idea! Do you wanna do that, Reanne?" Mary eagerly chimed in, both of their attentions now settled on their de facto leader.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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