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Wiping away a bead of sweat from his forehead, Toru had almost lost track of time since he had been waiting for the next bus to arrive. Grazing his fingers back through his hair he wrapped a tie around his curly locks and knotted the mess into a bun. "You must be enjoying this sun a bit more than I am at this point!" he motioned to Espeon as the Pokemon purred in pleasure. Finally, a horn rang through the air signalling the bus' arrival.

Hmph. Finally.

As the other trainers had made their way onto the bus first, Toru found two empty seats so his partner could accompany him on the ride. Slouching back and releasing a hearty sigh, exhaustion finally overcame him and he began to doze off.

Now that I think about it, I think this might be the first time I've been able to get comfortable since the attack on the last bus ride... here's to hoping this one goes a bit smoother...

As quickly as he was able to fall asleep, the bus came to a stop at their destination. Toru groggily let out a large yawn and began to rub his eyes in an attempt to regain consciousness. "Huh?" quickly coming to at the sight of his new destination he became awestruck by the sight before him. A lustrous, colorful city filled with various attractions glowed outside the bus window. The group of trainers he had been traveling with were already gathered in front of a stage and were listening to the sounds that seemed to be blaring from the speakers surrounding it. In a state of panic Toru rushed off the bus with Espeon in tow and stopped himself as a man in a white tuxedo began addressing the crowd on the rules of an upcoming competition. Toru stood still and began to take in everything that was being presented to him.

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