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    "Well, if the majority would not want to do it, I can only digress and follow through," Nathaniel said with a shrug.

    As he said that, he caught a glimpse of some odd-looking hotels.

    Love hotels, huh. Wonder why they had such a shady name for a hotel. The city itself seems to be bumbling in life, with peak activity from each and everyone there, with a sense of belonging.

    Perhaps its just part of their culture huh? Going into such hotels to do such... things.

    Wait a minute. Weren't they going to stay in one of those hotels? Those notorious love hotels famous for those sort of *activities*?

    Oh dear.

    But they're gonna stay in different rooms right? So perhaps there won't be room for such *activities* in the first place.

    Oh get your mind straight Nathaniel! You're here to win the contest, not fulfill your inner desires!

    He shook his head as he followed the group towards their next destination.
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