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    "I didn't expect the Belmont to make it, but they did. They actually did."
    Lux Bravio

    Once it reached out high for the blue yonder, beams of light shot out from the crevices of a closed curtain, basking the room slightly lit with dust and morning sun. Slowly, they crawled over to bring their shine deeper into the room, one of them hitting the still closed eyes of a girl who rested alongside her Musharna, Shimmer, on the other side of the twin bed.

    "...Ngh...?" Having been disturbed by the nature's call, Reanne covered her eyes with her hand while peeking at the sudden rise of brightness. A little glance toward the window shows that it's currently morning, but what does it have to do with her staying in here? Her eyes blurry, her hair messy, she yawned and closed her eyes once more, trying to sleep a little longer.

    "Mumumu..." Just when she did, Shimmer approached by and began to glow in a pinkish outline. The blanket covering her fell flat on the bed, unaware of what her Pokmon was doing, she slept on without realizing that she was floating and being moved at will by her companion.


    "Ow, ow... What was that for?!" Her voice indignant, she carried herself to a stand, assessing his mischief with a grumpy look.

    Feeling content, Shimmer let out a deep, childlike giggle. Reanne too, while still feeling pained for being dropped down onto the floor, giggled along without bearing grudges. There has to be a reason why he did that, after all, and it's not something she could forget easily so long as she's not home... despite her inadvertent choice in getting late.

    Within a time gap of 5 minutes, she have had shower and
    changed clothes back into the usual.
    Red short-sleeved shirt and white undershirt, along with grey skirt and knee-length shorts.
    Grabbing hold of her green bag and putting on her red beret, she gave another look at herself upon a vanity mirror. Nothing about it looks or smells that bad, nor being lazy for convenience sake. It just never gets boring to wear the same garb so long as they find it comfortable.

    "Alright, I'm all set. Shall we?" Reanne gestured at Shimmer who followed suit, looking eager even when his eyes aren't opened. Without further ado, she stretched her hand to reach for the doorknob.

    *click* *click*

    "Eh? Why isn't it opening?" She tried a few more times, but the door remain locked. She pushed it as she try to open the door before eventually kicking it off, but to no avail. Is she missing something?

    Wait, a locked door simply means she just needed to insert the key to flick it open. That's right! But where's the key? She wasn't sure where she kept it the last time she's seen it, so Reanne began her thorough search by inspecting her pockets, bag, every nook and cranny of the room.

    Yet the time ticks on, only for her to run out of the most likely places she could've placed it. The result was fruitless. The room went haphazard. Eventually, she gave up and nodded at Shimmer with a sigh. She can safely assume that the key was missing, and if it's the only way to go, she inhaled a bit before having to go through the trouble with a worried grin.

    Soon, a door could be seen blasting off squarely onto the vacant wall, letting out an earful attracting bystanders who were nearby. Coming from the gap among rooms situated collectively in a circular corridor, Reanne withdrew Shimmer back into his Pok Ball and quickly stormed off to the exit while passing by without a word, taking hold of her worn headgear along the way. Those who didn't work in the hotel but witnessed the occasion were unsure of the reason, while those who did, rolled their eyes for their unusual nature.

    Once she slows down to reach the exit, she is eventually met with a crowded atmosphere. Trainers from many places are already making their way in, lining themselves in wait for their turn to go. That's definitely going to take a while, but at least she's not that late either. Anything that she should do now? Probably wait, for whatever worth this contest could give to her.

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