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    Drakow, that's the OCG banlist. Gorz and Whirlwind are both at 2 there : p

    I predict Inzektors and Hieratics having some sort of presence this TCG format. I wonder if it is possible for Sabers to make a return, considering the existence of Saber Hole and Gatmuz's Emergency Call; Sabers will possess decent recursion, defense, and backrow destruction, and they do have access to Beast and Barkion as well as the new Synchros, so we'll have to see. Blackwings are in a similar boat, with triple Whirlwind, Icarus Attack, and Delta Crow - Anti Reverse; since Starlight Road will see less play due to the banning of Heavy Storm and limiting of Torrential, we might see some big plays o'clock from these guys as well.

    Shock Master is a broken OP card! OCG toned the power up, and TCG toned the power down, so it's completely reasonable to ban Shock Master in the TCG. I think Dragoons and Diva are the correct hits in Mermail, actually; free searches 24/7 is super annoying, as is the power to constantly put tons of damage onto the board for no apparent reason. Mermail needed to lose consistency, and with Diva and Dragoons hit, it will do exactly that.

    I think Divine Wind is a dumb card and should be removed. It wasn't even the Blaze Fenix OTK that was the problem... the very existence of Harpie Dancer makes Divine Wind a problematic card : s


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