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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Shock Master ends games for some decks. Name Monster for Agents / Chaos Dragon or Spell for Prophecy; instant game over. And as we've seen from the banlist, Konami dislikes instant game over cards. It does not need to be spammed for it to be OP. As for triple material rank 4s with ease ... aren't you overlooking your own deck? I'm sure a few other decks other than Harpies can do it, though. Doesn't matter if they're not as good as meta, Shock Master is extremely toxic. (Also, Verz and Constellar can make it without too much fuss ... keep Kerykeion or Sombre around for a turn, welp. Constellar just likes Pleiades a lot so it will be a rare day in which they make Shock Master unless it's to perform virtual lockdown, because Pleiades locks equally hard.)

Diva is strong by itself and stronger in tandem with Heavy Infantry, and although you are correct that Sphere and Teus give consistency, it removes the ability for the deck to search just any Sea Serpent (for example ... Moulinglacia, Heavy Infantry, or ... DIVA). Pike and Teus are not able to search out just any monster you want, and do so at the loss of resources in hand - in exchange for pluses on the field sometimes or a lot of the time, sure, but Dragoons is just like WHATEVER I'M GONNA PITCH THIS THOUGHTLESSLY AND GET A FREE SEARCH YOLO. I don't have much to say about Sphere except that it's pretty strong, and Mermail would have suffered a lot if both Dragoons and Sphere had been hit.

Obviously one free level 4 is fine! So are the baby dragons without Super Rejuvenation (that's a little bit of a stretch but not too much of one, plus there are other examples). Konami needs to ban with respect to abuse cases. If you will recall, Divine Wind was printed earlier, before Konami started doing the restrictions in a more limited style; after all, Mist Valley was printed in the time of Brionac, and Divine Wind, in Storm of Ragnarok.
The thing is, Shock Master wouldn't be an instant win against certain decks if Konami would make them more balanced in terms of which cards they're more focused on. Too many decks are based on monsters only, and then Spellbooks exist. But that's really another debate, and yes Shock Master is extremely powerful in the game right now. He's an "on principal" hit, I suppose. And I wouldn't say Harpies can spam him. First turn Shock Master definitely happens, but it usually takes 3 cards from the hand, and only works out well if a Hysteric Sign finds its way into the mix. Harpies have to throw everything at spamming Shock Master and I don't think that's terribly unacceptable. Perhaps the difference between us is that I don't really mind massively powerful cards as long as they don't overcentralise the meta.

I know all that haha. Diva and Dragoons are great hits as regards how competitive the deck is, and Diva was a hit waiting to happen from the second she was printed. My problem is that they've turned Mermails from a very diverse deck to rank7.dek and it's just really really boring. If I wanted to play Big Eye over and over, I'd be running Dragon Rulers!