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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Mermail actually plays Aqua Spirit and goes into Bahamut Shark into multiple Abysstrite now (with Mechquipped Angineer to protect it). It's pretty cool. :o They have a bunch of tools that Edragons don't have.

Also OF COURSE SHOCKMASTER wouldn't be OP if that was true but ... it is true, so ... ... additionally, you could just make multiple Shock Master and call two or all three card types. Pretty annoy.
But it's all XYZ at the end of the day :'( Basically Diva is the key to most of the variety in Mermail plays, though Aqua Spirit has opened up a looooooot of doors that Diva didn't. I'd still rather have synchros and rank 2s than more common Bahamut summons (though summoning a Trite is always extremely satisfying).

Yeah I know there's no point using "what if" scenarios. Honestly I should probably get over Shock Master. It'd help if the other 3 material rank 4s were better though! Ouroboros lacks something.

In other news there's an upcoming structure deck in Japan that looks to have something of a focus on Cyber Dragon, but there's also two upcoming "duelist packs" (or whatever), one with a focus on Ancient Gears and the other on Lightsworn. Both of those decks being GX era has interesting implications, it makes me wonder if they're already moving on from bringing back DM era decks. It'll kinda suck if they are, 3 old decks getting good stuff is nice but it's not nearly enough!