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So, I have a crudely drawn map and stuff of the region for my Pokemon x Magic roleplay. Yes, it's pieced together with Conquest map items, lol. xD


Here's the opening or whatever that I wrote:
Olyssia, an ancient land untouched by the impurities of modern technology. In a land long forgotten, Olyssia lays at the heart of the magical energies in the world. Magic flows through every rock, tree, and insect, bathing the land in a natural beauty unmatched by anything seen by mankind in millennia. Eventually humans learned to harness this mystic energy; to better themselves and become one with the world. At one point, it was not uncommon to see a magic Caster. At one point, nearly every person in Olyssia could utilize magic in some way, shape, or form.

But that was before the Purge.

In the four hundredth and fifty-first year of the fourth era, a great shadow fell upon the land of Olyssia. King Armand III, after having seized the throne upon claiming victory over a bloody war that lasted three years and nearly tore the land of Olyssia apart, outlawed the use of magic. One by one, he rounded up all of the Casters in the land and promptly executed them. This was the event known as the Purge. Out of the six hundred thousand known Casters across Olyssia, less than one hundred were said to escape with their lives.

As for the daemons - the mystical creatures that were found throughout Olyssia - many of them were hunted to near extinction. It was decreed that anyone in the possession of a daemon, excluding non-elemental and livestock daemons that citizens could keep so long as they had a proper permit, would be executed. Likewise, anyone found harboring a Caster would be executed, but only after they watched their entire family be executed before them.

One hundred and fifty years have passed since the initial Purge. On the throne now sits Lord Viktor Kratus II, blood descendant pf King Armand III. The Seven Tenets of Armand are enforced just as viciously as ever, and magic has all but been forgotten in Olyssia. Daemons still roam the wilds, but now they hide from the hateful eyes of mankind, very rarely exposing themselves to the lost creatures.

Olyssia, the center of all things arcane in the world, is now a mundane wasteland stained with blood and filled with fear and sadness. Its citizens are worn ragged from its harsh regime, and its once bright and loved wilderness now only bring fear to the humans, who avoid the arcane at all costs. Many of the settlements are now walled and regular citizens rarely get to see what's on the other side of these walls.

It would probably be rated M, to give literary freedom and whatnot. Plus, it seems like it could lead to some . . . gruesome scenes, I suppose.
And I have no idea what the Seven Tenets of Armand I mentioned are. I've yet to make them up. @[email protected] The name just sounded cool. xD

Roleplayers would be playing as people from our world whom have fallen through mystic Gates and have no memory of their past.

For this, I'll probably be a GM only, lol. I'm in three roleplays now; one's barely started and the other has yet to start, and that already seems like a bit much, lol.

Thoughts? C:


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