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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
For those who may be interested: I have been brainstorming as of late and have been bouncing around new RP game ideas. Give me your feedback if either of these interest you or if you'd like to help me expand upon them or co-GM them. If I get a good response, I might try to put it together and start it up.

First up is my rough idea for a Naruto ninja RP (Teen or Mature):
This RP would take place in the future after the events of the Naruto anime and manga. I may also consider an alternate timeline instead but that will undoubtedly complicate things.

The plot will begin around the time before the chunin exams where most players will be playing genin in squads preparing for the exams. Things take an interesting turn during and after the exams later on in the RP but I'm not sure what I want to happen at this point. Some players will be able to sign-up with secondary characters, but they will be background characters while the RP itself focuses on the genin participating in the exams. I'm not sure how I want to deal with players being of certain clans or heritages or being related to characters from the series, so right now that possibility is in the air.

As for what village or which villages will be playable or what I want to have happened to the tailed beasts and jinchuriki has yet to be decided. Including jinchuriki might be a problem due to a huge problem in the balance of power that these people would possess so it's something I'd have to think about.

It would require people who can dedicate enough time to it so that the plot can progress. In particular, people would need to be able to post a few times a week minimum, but they wont need to be super posts or anything but just enough to actually allow the RP to progress. I could make it possible for new players to join throughout the RP but the sign-up criteria would have to change for these new players, especially during the chunin exams.
This one has quite a bit of fleshing out that I'd need to do plot-wise but I think it could turn into a pretty interesting RP.

If any of these ideas you'd like to see developed further or would like to participate in in any way, I'll take any feedback you have and see what I (maybe we) can come up with.

I swear to all things holy (and unholy) that if you want to do the Naruto RP (and hopefully get enough people interested) I am so willing to help/join in anyway possible. I really like your ideas here. As for the Chunin Exams, a lot of things can happen there... if you're trying to go for a disruption that is. I'm not sure about the Jinchuuriki though, it's either everyone has one or it's kinda not fair (or a reward to best SU/random person you choose out of a hat). Though, if you're following the Anime/Manga you're going to have to explain how the tailed beasts that were sealed away got cast back into hosts. You might want to go to an alternate reality all together (not Canon) it probably be easier. That way you don't have most of the Kekkei Genkai of Canon to worry about either (like worrying about people having Byakugan/Sharingan/Rinnegan) by saying they don't exist. Or you can have them exist just not optional because they're easy ways to make players OP.


Actually just have the RP not set in Konoha because that's where most of the Sharingan/Byakugan/Rinnegan originate from. Only go to Konoha for the Chuunin Exams. Don't have it set in any of the Canon towns, make up your own! Or have your own Chuunin Exams held in that country if that'll be easier Might be a lot to do though...

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