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Originally Posted by lynds View Post
Hmm I see, ok thanks :)

Reading a lot of conflicting reviews at the moment!
It seems that a lot of professional critics like the system, but the general consensus from people is rather negative/unsure. You can't go through a thread about the console without a flame war happening. I tend to avoid discussions about the console, but this thread is civil enough so far without it breaking into a flame war like a few I've posted in at other forums.

Anyway, I'm still decently unsure about the console. I've owned one since February, and I only really got it for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Apart from that game, I still don't know about my thoughts on the system entirely.

Just like the 3DS, it feels like Nintendo has released the system too early, so there is a lot of early instalment weirdness going on.

However, if Nintendo fix these by the end of the year when the new consoles such as the PS4 and Durango come out, I think they will be fine, although I guarantee they will be more prominent in portable gaming like they always have been.

I will say this though, I am sick and tired of people not calling the Wii U a next-gen system like it's some stamp of approval. Then again, these are the same people who think that extra freakin' ram is more innovative than a unique dual screen tablet with actual working technology. (I'm looking at the waggletastic Wii here people.)
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