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    Allow me to go ahead and address this. I will also add to the OP.
    1) This is not a solo-run. People can beat the game with a complete Pokedex if they want. This is really something for them to do after the game is complete. This is just and only for beating the Elite Four & Champion.
    2) It's more than a challenge. A challenge is for beating the game. This is more of something to do afterwards; something to train your Pokemon for. This will also serve as a database, so someone can go, "Oh, someone beat the Johto League with a Charizard! Let me train up my Blastoise and see if I can do the same!" and such. It would be great if we could try to beat them all with each Pokemon- who knows how far we could get!
    Basically, this is largely an end-game quest; something to do after having beat the game. It also serves as a compendium, as well as a place where people can attempt to top someone else. It's almost like a mini-challenge.