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    Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
    I am aware of this. However, I still request that people don't do that; partially so we can actually watch it, not just see that you won. You're still counted though :D Conragulations, haha.
    I'll await your Johto Blastoise run as well.


    It appears you breachd a few rules...:
    A. "You may bring only 1 Pokemon. You cannot bring any other Pokemon, even if it's just to switch in so you can use an item. This is not allowed; only 1 Pokemon may be brought. The others must not be in your party at all, but in your box."
    Please abide by this. I saw that you had 2 others in your party. But, for the sake of abosulte legitimacy, I request you don't. Though I saw they weren't used at all, so I'll let in this particular situation, I'd let it slide this time. the more important breach is B.
    B. "Abosolutely no cheating, and/or hacking. This means all Pokemon must be legit, along with moves and stats. Gameplay cheats such as speed enhancements, etc. are also not allowed. (Emulators are definantly not prefered.)Trading Pokemon, of course, are allowed (and so is migrating); but Pokemon obtained via hacking are not allowed to be used. Please be honest here."
    You cannot obtain Snorlax when you originally did (it's shown you caught it before the 1st Gym). Therefore Snorlax wasn't legitimitly obtained, and is not qualified to participate. This is nothing personal, I'm aware that it's the same, just obtained earlier in the game. However, the rules are the rules. Also, I didn't post the no emulators speed bost part before you posted. But I did afterwords, so know that for future reference.

    If you'll do it again in the future, please abide by these rules (especially about hacking in a Pokemon instead of naturally catching it).
    I'm still a little confused about the no speed button rule. I sort of understand where you're coming from, but I just want your input on why its cheating. I've seen a couple people say that using the speed button is cheating, and honestly I just don't understand. It doesn't alter the game in any way, it literally just makes you, the judge, have to watch less video. If you have anything else to say about this, please do, I'm trying to figure all of this out, not only for your challenge, but for every challenge I come across with this rule in place. I'm not offended or trying to be a jerk about it, just curious.

    Sorry about the hacking the snorlax in part, Honestly, I was doing another challenge and that was allowed, so long as it was hacked in at an appropriate level and moves and everything, and I kind of blanked on that one. Won't happen again.

    For the no multiple Pokemon in the party rule: I was doing another challenge, that I decided to do myself (didn't see a thread for it at the time), called the catch 'em all challenge. Basically the goal is to just fill up the entire Pokedex with all 151 Pokemon. I did that, and thus have a ROM with all the fully evolved Pokemon in my PC. They have all been obtained legally, no hacking in master balls or rare candies (took forever in the Elite Four lol). Anyways, I'm planning on using that ROM to do this many times, and I was wondering if for time's sake, I could have 1 other Pokemon in my team that can learn Fly. As you would be able to see in my videos, he wouldn't be used in battle at all, the only thing he would be used for is after I beat the Elite Four with say a Venusaur, I could immediately Fly back to Indigo Plateau and switch Venusaur for a Charizard, and beat it again. Otherwise, I would have to walk all the way to Viridian City before I could get someone with Fly, only to Fly to Indigo to deposit him.