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Reason for Joining the Club: PC is definitely my social life, Screw Facebook >:)
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario

Pokecommunity is an internet haven to me. Everyone is so open minded, gays and bronies have nothing to fear or hide. I love that about this place. Of course, there's also the fact that it's the biggest and most helpful place for Pokemon hacking on the internet! I also love that a surprising amount of people here are fans of the Tales series, which is normally an underrated series. At least in my area, few people have heard of it, so it's exciting to have a Tales club here. Everything I love in life is here in Pokecommunity. Safe socializing, clubs for my favorite series, hacking, and just general awesomeness. I love it here!

I think I found out about it when when Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers was new. I just found out about the existence of Pokemon hacking, and my favorite one that stood out was the Ruby Destiny series. Since Ruby Destiny is featured here, it didn't take long to find this place when I was looking for news and DestinedJagold's contacting place. That's when I explored Pokecommunity and realized it isn't just Ruby Destiny's place, it's the birthplace for every famous hack! So I made an account and explored more and more of Pokecommunity's awesomeness from it's tutorials to programs to hacks to just plain socializing.

My favorite board has always been the Hack's Showcase. The location of every amazing hack this site has to offer! Recently, I've also been quite active in the Other Clubs. For me, it's the heart of my socializing. Tales, Zelda, GSA, Ponies, it has clubs for everything I love.
Hacks I'm working on:
(Name in Progress) My main project, actively in development
Tales of Link GBA Remake: Secondary project, developing whenever I'm able.
3rd Gen Multiplayer Project: Research and development, really just experimenting for the moment
Pokemon Cursed/Creepy White: Group project, on hiatus for now with plans to return eventually.
Animal Crossing Wild World playing as an animal: experimental, messing with models and textures

Hacks I've worked on in the past:
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Broken Timeline (pre-reboot) - Assisted with maps
Pokemon HeartGold Prince Boo Edition - Experimental project with three small changes. Made at the request of YouTube LPer PrinceBoo21.

Recently came to realize I know significantly less than I thought I did. Basically, years of self-taught experience amounted to very little. After seeking tutorials and help, I've become more competent, but I have a long way to go. I look forward to learning more, in the meantime, I'll call myself a beginner, not a veteran.

Times I've been ninja'd: 18
Times I've ninja'd people: 3