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Interesting... two Pokemon movies in one year. Let's deduce some things.

First off, the story. Is it going to be the same story with different mascots? But one must raise the question: Would ANY production company have the negative IQ or even the balls to do such thing? Think about it in terms of the credibility of the production company and even in terms of money, and therefore employment. Either they would have to get their creativity in and create two entirely different stories/time-lines to prevent negative feedback from creating a radical effect that can go as deep as employment status of a matter of dozens.

And now on to the next question: Are these movies continuations and therefore in parts, or are these movies alternate time-lines to each other?

In the games, remember that Black City and White Forest exist depending on your version in the exact same location and time. There are also other different elements that go beyond basic Pokemon differences. How can this difficulty be overcome? The only options are either Coexistence or Alternate Time-lines. For the case of coexistence, the movies would more than likely be continuations. For the case of Alternate Time-lines, it is only possible for these movies to do just that. It is too early to tell which one is true.

I do believe that alternate time-lines is the possibility. Why? All the movies have tended to go on about and the anime continues as if nothing ever happened. This makes alternate time-lines easier with the expense that neither movie can ever be referenced to again. Maybe besides future movies if the same time-line split is committed. Or if some freakish time/space continuum disaster happens in which the two alternate time-lines somehow become coexistent in the same canon.

One more thing, if you haven't gotten a clue by now. These movies will more likely than not involve Black City and White Forest. That would be a strong enough motive to create two different movies.

I will remember someday...that 2011 was...

About three I was absolutely positive:

First, Victini was a telepathy Pokemon.

Second, there was a part of it–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be-that thirsted for Ash to save the world again like in the past 14 movies without a scratch and probably be revived from his death.

And Third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Iris.
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