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    OMG it actually the same movie with two different plots -_-; According to March's CoroCoro anyway. Wow, I want to see how this plays out xD

    Anyway, from PokeBeach:
    The first scan reveals that there will be two versions of this summer's Pokemon movie: Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom and Victini and the Light Hero: Reshiram. The magazine does not specify what it means by "version," but we can probably assume the movies will be like the video games where they share the same general plot with only some superficial differences (such as the Legendary Pokemon "Hero" that appears). The Pokemon movie website will update tomorrow, so perhaps it will elaborate more about the different "versions" and the level of differences between the two.

    The first scan also announces that fans will be able to vote for either a Unova Pokemon (the 153 known species, including Victini), a Pikachu, or a Meowth. Starting June 15th, players will be able to download the winner to their games.

    The second scan, which is a blown-up version of the first, says "For the first time ever, there are two versions of the movie!! There are also two versions of the poster! Which one do you think will make a better movie?" Children can draw their version of either the Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom poster or the Victini and the Light Hero: Reshiram poster. The winning fanart for each movie will be printed as a real movie poster and will also be featured in its movie. Furthermore, the two artists who win will be given small voice roles in their respective movie.

    The third scan states that the Victini which patrons can download at the movie theaters will come holding a Fire Jewel, inside a Cherish Ball, and with a Wish Ribbon. As revealed previously, the Victini will know V-Generate.

    The fifth scan states that between February 15th and March 14th, players of Black and White will be able to download a Zorua Zoroark over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This Zoroark comes with the special move Bark Out. The page illustrates how if you breed the Zoroark with Ditto, you'll get a Zorua with Bark Out as well.
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