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    Originally Posted by skyburial View Post
    The rules were recently updated to remove this text, though I can't speak for the UK version of the website or any other possible obfuscations. Here's a link to the tweet from Chris Brown, the head of the rules committee for VGC:

    "Players may use as much time as allowed each turn."

    The timer is a resource in a turn-based game. It was enforced to prevent excessively long tournaments with respect to rental costs to venues and the general health of players. No one wants to sit through 8 rounds of best of three in swiss where a stall player is taking each game to the one-hour mark.
    Oh yeah, it's totally allowed in the rules. That's not my point. My point is that even if you go on the US site, clicking the link "Play! Pokemon General Event Rules" will give you a document which clearly says that playing the clock is poor sportsmanship, which I am compelled to agree with.

    And even if it is changed, I don't think what is good or bad sportsmanship changes with the words of a document - it's a matter of opinion, and my opinion is that it's a pretty underhanded tactic.
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