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    how can I change the color of a shiny pokemon?,I want to replace the shiny onix with the crystal onix,so to do that I change the gold colors into crystal colors...
    I'm planning that it would be like the red gyrados,as an overworld sprite...
    Open up the rom in UNLZ, go to ~1000 iirc to find pokemon sprites. Find the onix one, dump the BACK sprite, since that's the one the holds the color data for the shiny version of a pokemon. (That way they only need to hold 2 sprites for each pokemon instead of 4.) Then recolor it, then import it back in. Don't forget to index it. If it does let you import it in place of the old one since the size is bigger, go find some empty space (lots of FFs or 00s in the rom) via a hex editor, mark the offset, import it to that offset, then repoint the back sprite of the pokemon with Pokemon Editor Pro.

    Btw, their faqs and tutorials on how to do thise, which you really should look at...

    I want to replace the ??? pokemon with a dp pokemon but in unlz gba I see only 1 ??? at 1172 so where can I find the rest ??? pokemons?
    Using those ??? positions is actually rather useless as you can't catch those pokemon in the wild because their pokedex information is disabled, causing the game to freeze when you catch them in the wild.