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    Originally Posted by dooxer View Post
    -girl in imbibo lake is stuck in trees, forces you to reload

    -(undocumented) when fighting Lion, I seemed to be doing multiple 300s after poisoning him with poison sting... every attack would register, then a 300 would appear after.

    -if we are not meant to fight the master in the body and mind challenges, maybe make him refuse to fight you until you have 5 badges so as to not get a "no party found" error
    just go up to her so as to be adjacent, she won't glitch then.

    The poison seems to kick in at the end of every combatants attack phase, so if you have a party of 4 and you poison one opponent and your party gets 2 attacks each and the enemy gets 1 turn, the poisoned victim will have taken 9 turns of poison damage. I think this should be corrected and just deal damage every few ticks of in-battle time.

    If he's going to do that, he might as well just put in a proper team for the game to reference, fighting that guy with level 30 pokemon is fun. At 5 badges it's too easy.
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