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    I really like the idea of Eevee changing forms at the player's discretion ^w^ XP In fact, I might use a similar idea in my own fangame where the main character can transform into different types and use different moves of those types and even enter areas exclusive to a specific type ~hehe~

    And being forced to use the battle system of RM2K3 is no problem for me; infact, if I can manage to figure out a way to use both the turn-based system in the standard Pokémon games and the real time system in this particular game, depending on what sort of opponent is being faced; sound like a good idea?

    Anyway, I might consider playing this when 1.0 is released because I like to wait until it is *complete* with bugs fixed and features installed though if the project supervisor desires, I might play it earlier for beta testing purposes ^_^ :)

    Oh, one more thing; just today, I saw the trailer for Pokémon X and Y, while it's probably irrelevant for this particular game because they constitute the new sixth Generation and this game is based on the *revamp* transition between the second and third Generations, noting that there may be a *revamp* into the sixth Generation gave me an idea for some sort of sequel to this game, and even if there isn't such a revamp of data structure the idea still seems interesting to me nonetheless :)
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