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    The Yellow Pokémon Fan Club!

    Welcome to The Yellow Pokémon Fan Club! This is my first club so sorry if I make any mistakes ... This club is for discussing the epicness about all of the Yellow Pokémon in the world of Pokémon! :)

    1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.
    2. Please don't spam, troll or harass other members.
    3. Try to keep the club as active as possible!
    4. You can choose up to 3 Pokémon as your partner and you can nickname them with any name you like! (please, no sexual names ...)
    5. Remember to enjoy and have fun! :D

    Please post this at the bottom of your SU - OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing! - so I know you read the rules.

    Sign-Up Form (Example)
    Username: ChocolateCrunch (however most people call me Choco or some other random chocolate related thing!)
    Partner Pokemon: Pichu (Pii), Pikachu (Poker) and Raichu (Bolt).
    Reason for joining: I'd like to join to meet people and have fun! ^_^
    Answer the current topic! I'd like to see if actually find the Topic first.

    List Of Pokemon (if the list should be in a CSS, can a Moderator of the Forum edit it in? I don't understand CSS yet)

    Members List
    Every club needs a list of members!
    - ChocolateCrunch
    - AlexOzzyCake
    - Galoria
    - Chaos Fork
    - Hikari10
    - Wind Heart
    - Narnia
    - synerjee
    - Gir500
    - Jolteon82☆
    - lewieboy124

    Topic of the Week!

    Current: Which yellow Pokémon do you usually use as a HM Slave?
    Old: What in your opinion is the weakest yellow Pokemon?
    Old: What in your opinion is the strongest yellow Pokemon?

    User Bars
    Hopefully coming soon!
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