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    Originally Posted by Chaos Fork View Post
    Cool club looks cool.
    Username: Chaos Fork
    Partner pokemon: Galvantula (Battery), Shuckle (Holes) and Ninjask
    Answer topic: I'd say Galvantula. It's not the most powerful, but looks can be deceived. Two things in its arsenal that stand out are the combo of compound eyes, thunder and STAB, as well as agility and electro ball, making it deadly. It's also quite cute...for an arachnid.
    With Ninjask and Shuckle in a close second. Ninjask for the combo of protect, sword dance, sub, baton pass AND speed boost, and Shuckle for DAT DEFENSE
    Reason for joining: This is a pretty cool club, good idea and yellow is my second favorite colour (apart from Blu Ray, my favorite colour)
    Why you no read the Rules properly? o_o Anyway, I suppose since the club is new you can join up without the Rules Password thing ... Welcome! ^_^
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