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    Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
    Miiiinuuun <3. In other words, I'll join! :D

    Username: Narnia (although you can call me Sophie if you prefer! :3)

    Partner Pokemon: Minun and Plusle

    Reason for Joining: Yellow is one of my favourite colours, it represents happiness, positive attitude, there are countless qualities that make this colour amazing. Plus the Pokemon in the yellow Pokemon group are great battlers, adorable and squishy, along with coming in all shapes and sizes! The variety within them I like instead of mainly being made up of one type, as seen with the green-coloured group. :P. Also some of my favourite Pokemon are amongst this group, so there couldn't be a better club. <3

    Answer the current topic:
    Personally I find Sunkern worthless. It is an adorable Pokemon, don't get me wrong but I just find its stats particularly...awful. The moves it learns aren't too great either, although thankfully it isn't one of those Pokemon e.g. Kakuna who can only learn Harden via levelling up. But even then... I find it useless. D:

    Also! OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing!
    Welcome, nice partner choice! :) If you'd like to give them a nickname, just send me a message!

    Originally Posted by synerjee View Post
    Username: synerjee

    Partner Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Ampharos and Rapidash.

    Reason for joining: Yellow Pokemon remind me of sunshine and of Fire-types and Electric-types, which I love a lot. xD

    Answer the current topic: What is the weakest yellow Pokémon?
    Well, it's obvious that it has to be Sunkern. Sunkern's stats are waaaaaay down low. Too low to be actually used in a battle..><

    OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing!
    Welcome! :) Sunkern is quite weak, I agree. It's stats are horrible and it's just slow. And, yay a password! ^_^

    Originally Posted by Gir500 View Post
    Partner Pokemon: Pikachu (Prince)
    Reason for joining: I <3 Pikachu, and this seems like a great club for me. :)

    I would say Dunsparce is the weakest Yellow pokemon ever, also the lamest, it's a bug but yet a normal type :/

    - OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing! -
    Welcome! Yay, another Pikachu fan like myself! Dunsparce is annoying, but it can give a bit of Experience Points (or is that just me being completely dumb? >_<) A triple password combo, finally people are actually reading daaaa' rules!
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