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    Originally Posted by dshayabusa View Post
    Is that a custom Wallace OW or are my eyes playing tricks on me??
    The Wallace OW is custom (made by me) and is FR/LG styled.


    School started a few days ago so I won't have as much free time as I once did so I'll only be able to work on the hack on weekends. I'm pretty much done with most of the mapping for Beta 1. I've added some screenshots so you may want to take a look at those. I'll try to get more events in soon, hopefully. Beta 1 leads up to the 3rd gym in Dordoran City which leads me to the next update:

    Dordoran City Gym

    The 3rd gym in the game which is assessable after completion of a certain event (which I'll show in a future update). It specializes in Electric types. To get through the gym you need to push switches on the walls to remove the beams to open up new rooms. Press the correct order of switches to open up the path to the Gym Leader. Simple, no? Along the way you'll face trainers which will make this a little more difficult. I'd really suggest bringing status healing items when facing this gym.

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