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    To Mr Cat Dog: Thanks for the review. Apologies for the lacking of description but there would be times when I overlook things. But patience... the good bits are coming...

    Chapter 2:

    Five years passed. So far, the fifteen-year-old Jack defeated many trainers, including gym leaders. He also participated in different pokemon leagues and small contests. Even though he was far away from home, he contacted his brother and his foster father every now and again.

    Eventually at different times, he captured a Totodile, a Nidoran (Male), a Bagon and a Beldum. They have evolved into Crocanaw, Nidorino, Shellgon and Metang, and the Larvitar, his first pokemon, evolved into a Tyranitar.

    One time, he visited the Viridian City Gym. Upon entry, he spotted a shadowy and mysterious character.

    Im here for the gym battle, Jack yelled to him.
    The man gave Jack a small sjirachi. State your name, boy. He said.
    The names Jack Hummingburg. Whats yours?
    I am the Viridian City gym leader known as Giovanni and since I have this position, I accept your challenge.
    Good. What are the rules?
    Well use three of our pokemon, but only one at a time. I wont be changing any my pokemon unless theyre knocked out. You on the other hand will have the privilege to choose your pokemon first.
    Huh! That means you would have the advantage on the early going. Afraid to lose, huh?
    I am a far superior trainer to you. Why should I lose?
    Because youve just met your match!

    Jack tossed out his pokeball as he yelled for Croconaw to come out, while Giovanni chose Rhydon to be his first pokemon to battle. Jack couldnt understand why Giovanni played Rhydon against his Crocanaw.

    Rhydon? Why play him?
    Rhydon, Thunder attack!
    I got it now! Croconaw, get outta the way!

    Crocanaw barely dodged the attack. If an electric attack like Thunder struck Crocanaw, he would be knocked out.

    Now, Crocanaw! Water Gun!

    Crocanaw shot out a powerful spray of water to take out Rhydon. Rhydon seemed to be caught by the water attack, but he stood there unfazed.

    Jack was shocked and said, Hes still there?
    Thats because he used Protect, Giovanni replied. You know what that means, dont you, boy?
    Protect can stop any attack, even the ones that he is weaker against!
    Now, Thunder again!
    Crocanaw, look out!

    Crocanaw dodged out of the way again.
    Alright, Water Gun now!
    Protect again!

    Rhydon used protect to protect himself from the water attack.

    Headbutt now while Rhydon is distracted!

    Crocanaw dived at Rhydon with a powerful Headbutt. Rock types are strong against Normal attacks like Headbutt, but Croconaw made Rhydon flinch because of his attack.

    You got him, Crocanaw! Jack shouted. Water Gun now!

    Crocanaw sprayed a powerful water gun at the flinched Rhydon, knocking him out. Making it 1-0 to Jack.

    Giovanni called his unconscious Rhydon back into its pokeball. The next pokemon he sent out was Machamp. Jack decided to call back Crocanaw and sent out his Shellgon. Giovanni became surprised as he saw this as a rare pokemon.

    Shellgon! Jack shouted. Headbutt now!

    Shellgon jumped and dived at Machmp but missed

    Machamp! Karate Chop! Giovanni ordered.
    Shellgon! Flamethrower! Jack instructed.

    Shellgon dodged Machamps attack and shot his Flamethrower. The fighting pokemon tried to defend himself from the attack but it was just too much to take as he felt the heating scorch around his body and fainted afterwards.

    Giovanni became surprised and shocked at the powers of Jacks Shellgon.

    Return, Machamp! Giovanni ordered as he Machamp to return. Looks like youve fought well, youngster.
    Patience, the best is coming, Jack replied confidently as he took out his pokeball. Shellgon, return!
    Beginners luck, Giovanni said back, also being confident. Kingler! Go!

    Giovanni let Kingler out of his pokeball and showed a confident smile and Kingler yelled out its battle cry as he made clanging noises with its huge claw.

    A Kingler Time I finish this match off with a bang and a crash! Jack said. Tyranitar! Go!

    Tyranitar popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar. Giovanni became shocked again thinking of how Jack get a pokemon that rare, but then he sjirachied.

    Stupid boy! Taunted Giovanni. Didnt you know that a water type like Kingler is super effective against a Rock type like your pitiful Tyranitar?
    Stupid? Jack said, taunting back. Arent I leading you 2-0?
    Hmph! Kingler! Giovanni yelled. Bubblebeam attack!

    Kingler shot out his Bubblebeam and it homed in on Tyranitar

    Jack became shocked with worry. Tyranitar! Are you okay? he asked. Tyranitar shook his head to shake away the dizziness.

    Now, Kingler! Giovanni shouted. Hydro Pump attack!

    Kingler shot out a huge spray of water out of it mouth. Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Tackle with Endure!

    Tyranitar charged at the Hydro Pump attack. Even though the rock body of Tyranitar was weak against water attacks, his and Jacks will to defeat Kingler was never-ending. When Kingler ended his Hydro Pump attack, Tyranitar continued charged at him.

    Kingler! Crabhammer attack!
    Tyranitar! Reversal!

    Tyranitar grabbed the huge claw of Kingler before the Crabhammer attack reached him. Kingler tried to get Tyraniter to release his claw by pulling his claw away from him.

    Tyranitar! Slam him!

    Tyranitar used his great strength to hoist Kingler up and then slammed him hard onto the ground.

    Okay, Tyranitar! Finish it off with your Body Slam and Earthquake combo!

    Tyranitar picked Kingler up and slammed him so hard and so fast that it would sound like a car crash! Kingler became unconscious by that move, meaning that Jack wins the round and the match 3-0!

    Jack jumped high in the air and shouted, Alright! We did it!

    Giovanni became slightly disappointed about losing the match, but suddenly he had an idea as he gave an evil smile.

    Jack, my boy. How would you like to work for me? he asked.
    Thanks for the offer, Jack replied happily But I have other things to do.
    I dont think you understand my offer Men!

    Then a bunch of men wearing shady clothing with burets and a huge R on their shirts ran at them. Jack noticed the danger and sent out his pokemon at his disposal. Jack and his pokemon fended off all the attackers. Then suddenly, another bunch of men came out carrying guns, aiming at Jack and his pokemon.

    Not only am I the Gym Leader of Viridian City Gym, Giovanni said. But I am also the leader of Team Rocket. The bond between you and your pokemon interested me into taking you in as one of the members of my group. Agree to work for me and I will pay you handsomely.

    Jack looked round. He and his pokemon were surrounded by a bunch of men with guns. It seemed obvious of what would happen if he refused to join Team Rocket.

    He let out a small sigh of defeat. How much, he asked shamefully.

    Giovanni, of course, smiled in an evil way

    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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