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    To Gohan: Thanx for the review, but confusing? In what way?

    Here's another chappy.

    Chapter 3

    The Poison Fist member took Black Jack and Blaziken to his dojo down town. The place looked creepy to a normal person, but it doesnt scare Black Jack or Blaziken.

    Task two is done, said Black Jack. Now task three, get out of my sight!

    He shoved the member away and continued to walk into the dojo, along with Blaziken. The member picked up a rock and went to hit Black Jack at the back of the head with it, but they retaliated and at the same time punched the member in the face, knocking him out. Then they continued to walk towards the dojo.

    Inside the dojo, Black Jack and Blaziken spotted a lot of trainers training with their poison-type pokemon, like Koffings and Ekans. To them, they were students. The students noticed that theyve entered. Black Jack smiled evilly as he knew that there would be hell to pay.

    Hey, punk kids! he said. The names Black Jack, and this (looks at Blaziken) is a friend of mine. Weve come to have a little chat with your Sensei.

    The trainers and their pokemon became nervously startled, as they knew what he meant. Some of the trainers ordered their pokemon to attack Black Jack, but Blaziken stepped forward to defend him, stopping the poison pokemon in their tracks.

    Blaziken got into his fighting stance. Then without hesitation, the poison pokemon ganged up on him, but he was able to fend them off without getting hit.

    One of the students asked in bewilderment, What? How can a Blaziken defeat our pokemon without getting any orders from Black Jack?
    Like I said before, hes a friend, Black Jack replied. I didnt say he was my pokemon.

    Soon, other poison pokemon ganged up on him. After seeing Blaziken getting hit by one of the poison pokemon, Black Jack decided to raise some heck. He released all his pokemon from his pokeballs.

    Okay, boys! Black Jack said with enthusiasm. Lets teach these kids a lesson!

    All of his pokemon gave out their battle cries with excitement and charged into battle, along with Black Jack himself. Black Jack, Tyranitar, Nidoking and Feraligatr teamed up against various poison pokemon by throwing and slamming them in any way possible. Salamence and Metagross were untouchable as they were using Flamethrower and Psychic attacks. Whilst Blaziken was quick enough to avoid attacks and fight back, think about vengeance for his sensei.

    In no time, all of the Poison Fist students and their pokemon were knocked down and hurt. Black Jack sarcastically dusted off his hands, motioning that the funs over.

    Blaziken and his friends walked round the dojo to find the location of the sensei of the dojo. They heard a voice from behind one of the doors. There was also an evil sjirachi.

    Tomorrow, Mr. Mane, I shall have that school, and I have a lot to thank you for.

    Infuriated of what he heard, Blaziken kicked the door down. Inside the room was a man in a suit on a phone. He hanged up the phone.

    Whos this Mane guy? Black Jack demanded.
    That does not concern you! Who are you? The man in the suit demanded.
    Black Jack! And yours?
    I am Mr. Min. And you have no business in my office without permission or appointment. Get out!
    We dont need any permission or appointment to kick your ***, for you disrespected that Flaming Fist School by poisoning the teacher!

    Mr. Min smiled.

    Hmph! That school is worth nothing, I dont even know why it should be no.1.
    Jealous, huh? If you want to be no.1, (Looks at Blaziken) then try to defeat this kid. He came from that school.
    Blaze! Blaziken responded.
    From the looks of him, Mr. Min said. Hes useless, and Ill prove it to you! Why dont we take this battle to the training room?

    In the training room

    Black Jack stood in the middle of the training room. Mr. Min was at one side of the training room mat and Blaziken was at the other side of the mat. There are a bunch of students surrounding the mat to be witnesses, hoping to witness Mr. Min would defeat Blaziken.

    Alright, kids, Black Jack said. This is a one-on-one pokemon battle. Ill be the referee for this battle. There will be no interferences. Anyone who does will receive beatings. On my right, the leader of the Poison Fist dojo, Mr. Min.

    Everyone, except Black Jack and Blaziken, started cheering for Mr. Min. Black Jack then stopped the cheering

    On my left, Black Jack continued. One of the best students of the Flaming Fist School, Blaziken.

    The crowd started booing at Blaziken. Black Jack immediately stopped the booing.

    The deal is this, If Mr. Min defeats Blaziken, Mr. Min can have the Flaming Fist School and can do whatever he likes with it. If Blaziken wins, then the Poison Fist School must leave his school alone.

    Mr. Min and Blaziken agreed with the stipulation.

    Ill use the pokemon, you will never defeat! Mr Min said with a confident smile. Go Muk! he shouted as he threw his Pokeball. Muk popped out of his pokeball.

    Yuk! commented Black Jack. I was hoping this match would turn ugly, but not that ugly!

    Mr. Min ordered his Muk to throw out multiple sludges at Blaziken, but Blaziken manages to dodge the attack. Blaziken leaped into the air and performed a diving kick.

    Mr. Min ordered Muk to detect. Muk detected that Blaziken was performing a diving kick and stretched out of the way. Blaziken missed as Muk did what his trainer ordered him to. Blaziken landed on his feet and gained balance.

    Mr. Min then ordered Muk to use Slam attack. Muk raised a part of his body and formed it into a huge hand and aimed to slam Blaziken, but he barely missed him as he stepped out of the way. Blaziken gave Muk a punch but his fist got stuck inside him. Muk hoisted Blaziken up and slammed him on the ground.

    Muk then jumped high in the air. Blaziken rolled out of the way when Muk landed on the ground causing an Earthquake, making it difficult for Blaziken to get up. While the ground was still shaking, Muk jumped high in the air and this time he landed right on Blaziken. Blaziken tried to break free from Muks pin. He tried and tried until he couldnt move.

    I win, Mr. Min shouted triumphantly, but he noticed that Blaziken started moving again underneath Muk after two seconds.

    Blaziken was moving around to get out of Muks pinning. There was a strange red glow inside Muk. Then suddenly, Blaziken broke through Muks body by leaping into the air using Sky Uppercut! Little bits of Muks slime splattered all over the mat.

    Muk became dizzy and fainted. Blaziken landed on his feet, and then he got on to his knees, tired and heavily breathing for air. He sure didnt like Muks scent. Black Jack announced Blaziken as the winner of the match.

    Blaziken should be disqualified! Mr. Min demanded. Blaziken was the first pokemon who couldnt move at first while being pinned by Muk! Therefore, I win the match!

    But Im the referee, Black Jack replied. And Im supposed to be the one that announces the winner, not you. And Blaziken gathered energy inside to break out of that pinning predicament.

    Mr. Min gave a nasty growl.

    You know what this means, dont ya? Balck Jack said. If you hurt that school again, I will be back to get you!

    Black Jack started to walk to the exit, but he stopped to notice that Blaziken stood there staring at Mr. Min. Black Jack wondered what he was going to do. Blaziken gave out a large roar as he leapt forward to kill Mr. Min as Mr. Min shook with fear. But Black Jack grabbed Blaziken by the wrist.

    Blaziken, said Black Jack. I know that this creep killed your teacher. But if you kill him, youll become a creep too.

    Blaziken understood what Black Jack meant and calmed down.

    Besides, hes not even worth our time anymore. To me, your sensei is better than this guy.

    Black Jack released Blazikens wrist and they made their way back to Flaming Fist School, while Mr. Min shook with frustration.

    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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