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    To Gohan: Confused with Mewtwo? In what way?

    Chapter 2

    As Mewtwo and Black Jack walked deeper inside the cave, they saw daylight on the other side. As they both went into it, Black Jack expected that would be freezing, but it wasnt. It was actually warm weather with the sun shining. The scene was beautiful, with grass and flowers all over the place. On the west side of the place, there was a waterfall. There were also a lot of pokemon living happily and peacefully until they saw Black Jack.

    Nice place you got here, Black Jack said.
    Thank you, Mewtwo replied.
    Although this doesnt look like the ideal place to have a pokemon battle.
    Were not going to battle here, Black Jack. I just need some of my friends for our battle.

    Black Jack spotted three pokemon, and started to notice them. It was obvious to him that they are a Venusaur, a Charizard and a Blastoise, but with a difference between them, they had strange markings on parts of their bodies.

    How about them? Black Jack asked, ignoring their strange appearance. They seem tough enough to go against my boys.

    Mewtwo stopped to take notice of Black Jacks behaviour. Never have I met a trainer so extraordinary, he thought. Most trainers that I have met were eager to run away from me or capture me. But this one, he doesnt seem to be bothered to capture anything, not even wanting to become a pokemon champion, a hero, a villain, or anything, but a man who knows what to do best.

    Also, I sensed many things inside his mind, heart and soul. Hes a man full of heart, innocence and compassion. On the other hand, he is also full of violence, coldness, and hate. I wonder if

    Hey! Black Jack interrupted. I asked if you could battle me with them.

    Mewtwo stopped his thinking and turned to the pokemon that Black Jack was referring to. Indeed, he replied. Ill shall use them in battle.

    Great, Black Jack replied. Looks like itll be a three-on-three battle.
    Not quite, Mewtwo replied. You and I will be the fourth members of each team to battle.
    If your first three pokemon get beaten, youll have to face the remainder of my team and myself. The same goes for me.

    Black Jack thought that it would be strange for a human to battle a pokemon. Then again, it would be too strange for him to back out from any challenge. Done, he replied.

    Mewtwo raised his arms as he summoned his psychic powers again. This time, the beautiful scenery was turned into a typical pokemon battle stadium. The pokemon still pokemon still remained, but after the transformation they moved away from the field and on to the sidelines.

    Are you trying to hypnotise me or did you transport us somewhere? Black Jack asked.
    Neither, Mewtwo replied. I have transformed this place. Now shall we get started?

    Black Jack and Mewtwo (along with his chosen pokemon) walked to their respective position of the field. Mewtwo started things off by sending Blastoise into battle, while Black Jack picked a pokeball from his belt and sent out Feraligatr.

    Tackle attack! Mewtwo ordered.

    Blastoise got into his shell and started spinning as he zoomed at his opponent. Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Grab it!

    Feraligatr grabbed Blastoises shell to stop the tackling. Now! Black Jack shouted. Seismic Toss!

    Feraligatr tossed Blastoise away, but Blastoise gained his balance as he popped out of his shell and landed on his feet. Both pokemon stood their ground, waiting for the next command and ready to attack.

    No point in using water attacks, Black Jack thought. The only way to beat Blastoise is to use physical attacks.

    Hydro Pump, Mewtwo commanded. A couple of cannons popped out of Blastoises shell and it fired out huge sprays of water. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged out of the way.

    Strange Black Jack thought. Mewtwo should know that Feraligatrs a water type as well. But why?

    Now, Blastoise! Mewtwo commanded. Dynamic Punch!

    Shoot! Black Jack shouted as he noticed what Mewtwos tactics were. Feraligatr! Use Low Kick!

    Blastoise missed his Dynamic Punch when Feraligatr crouched down and tripped him over. Blastoise fell on his chin, making him slightly dazed. Now, Black Jack ordered. While Blastoise is dazed, smash his face against the floor!

    Feraligatr picked Blastoise head up, and proceeded to smash Blastoises face on the floor. I think not, Mewtwo replied. Blastoise! Counter!

    Just before Blastoise face reached the floor, he quickly grabbed the back of the head of Feraligatr and slammed his face down.

    Feraligatr quickly picked himself up, holding his hurt face. He and Blastoise again stood their grounds ready to open another attack.

    Feraligatr! Black Jack shouted. Get in for the kill!
    Blastoise! Mewtwo ordered. Hydro Pump again!

    While Feraligatr began running at Blastoise, he shot out huge water foams out of his cannons again. Luckily, Feraligatr dodged the attack and grabbed Blastoise around the middle from behind.

    Now you got him! Black Jack shouted. Slam him on his head!
    What!? Mewtwo said in amazement, not knowing what to do in this situation.

    Ferligatr lifted Blastoise from behind while curving his own body like a bridge while slamming on the head. The ground shook quite suddenly that it almost knocked everyone off their feet. Feraligatr released Blastoise on impact and Blastoise lay there unconscious.

    Knowing that Blastoise was defeated he used his psychic powers to call him back and then sent out Venusaur into battle. Feraligatr! Return! Black Jack ordered as he got out Feraligatrs pokeball. Nidoking! Go!

    Nidoking popped out of his pokeball and gave loud roar as he readies himself for battle.

    Vine whip, Mewtwo ordered. Venusaur quickly shot out two vines from his body and laced them around Nidokings waist.

    Look out, Nidoking! Black Jack ordered. Use your weight and strength to keep your feet on ground!

    Nidoking did exactly as he was told, and it became quite tough for Venusaur to lift or pull him.

    Now! Black Jack ordered. Use your strength to throw Venusaur about!

    Nidoking took grip of Venusaurs vines and attempted to pull him. But it was no good, as Venusaur was already using his strength and weight to keep his feet on the ground as well.

    Noticing this, Black Jack clenched his fist. Nidoking! Black Jack shouted. Pull Venusaur until youll be able to slam him.

    Nidoking took grip of Venusaurs vines and began to try to tug against him, while Venusaur was doing the same. It was taking quite some time, but Venusaur began to lose it as he slightly started slipping.

    The stage is set now, Nidoking! Black Jack shouted as he noticed Venusaur slipping. Give everything youve got!

    Im afraid not, Mewtwo replied. Venusaur! Razor Leaf!

    Leaves flew out of Venusaurs back and spun directly at Nidoking. No! Nidoking will be distracted! Black Jack thought.

    Sure enough, Nidoking instinctively defended himself against the razor leaf attack taking minor damage, but that led him into bigger trouble.

    Vine whip attack! Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur, still had his vines around Nidokings waist, picked him up with ease and threw him yards away until he crushed through the ground.

    Mewtwo and Venusaur thought that he was knocked out. But to their surprise, Nidoking slowly picked himself up and had an angry red aura around him. He slowly turned round to face Venusaur with angry look on his face, suddenly he ran at Venusaur like a madman.

    Looks like he snapped again, Black Jack thought.

    Vine whip! Mewtwo commanded. Venusaur aimed and sent out two vines at Nidoking but missed. Nidoking tackled Venusaur and started pummelling like he was a punching bag. He finished his attack when he gave Venusaur a Mega Punch to finish him off.

    Realising that Venusaur had been defeated, Mewtwo used his Psychic powers to call him back and sent out Charizard. Black Jack called his Nidoking back and sent out Tyranitar.

    Tyranitar and Charizard stood their ground as they prepared themselves to attack.

    Mewtwo signalled upwards. Without looking, Charizard knew what Mewtwo wanted him to do. He flew up high in the air, meaning that Black Jack and Tyranitar were now at a disadvantage.

    Charizard breathed in and shot out a flamethrower attack, but Tyranitar dodged out of the way. Charizard threw out another flamethrower, but he missed again and again.

    Charizard may need some target practice, Black Jack thought. But he isnt losing strength. I got to think of something to beat that thing.

    Charizard, Sky Attack, Mewtwo commanded and a red fiery aura began surrounding Charizard.

    Thats it, Black Jack confidently thought as Charizard then dived directly at Tyranitar like a speeding bullet.

    Grab his arm now! Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar did as he was instructed as he barely dodged Charizards attack and grabbed his arm.

    Submission! Black Jack commanded. Tyranitar held Charizard in an arm lock from behind as he sat on top of Charizards back while Charizard was lying on his front.

    Black Jack and Tyranitar were then waiting for either Charizard or Mewtwo to submit. Tyranitar was holding that arm lock for a long time, but neither Charizard nor Mewtwo was going to quit. Charizard, Mewtwo said. Gather your strength to overcome Tyranitars submission.

    Charizard suddenly and slowly started standing up, he just found the strength to overwhelm Tyranitars submission move. As he stood up, so did Tyranitar but he still held that arm lock.

    Charizard, Mewtwo said. Break yourself out of that arm lock.

    Charizard gave Tyranitar a back fist punch to break the hold. Sky attack, Mewtwo ordered.

    Charizard quickly flew up high and then, like a speeding bullet, dived directly at Tyranitar again. Tyranitar! Black Jack warned. Watch it!

    Tyranitar tried to grab hold of Charizard but got caught was now being shoved until his back hit the cave wall, the impact was so hard that it sounded like two speeding trucks crashing into each other. Plus, it caused some huge rocks to break from the walls and fall onto both battling pokemon!

    Both Mewtwo and Black Jack looked at the big pile of rubble that both Tyranitar and Charizard had caused. It was a few seconds until Tyranitar broke out of the rubble dragging Charizard by the back skin of the neck. Both of them looked battered and bruised, but Charizard was knocked out.

    Tyranitar dropped the unconscious pokemon. Now Mewtwo was the only member left of his team.

    3-0 to me, Black Jack said with an evil smile. Looks like thisll be over before lunch.
    Correction, Mewtwo replied, also giving an evil smile. This battle has just begun
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