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    Chapter 3

    Black Jack was now at a 4-Vs-1 advantage as he and his pokemon defeated all three of Mewtwos chosen pokemon. Now it was Mewtwos turn to face them.

    Impressive so far, Mewtwo said. You mustve taught youre pokemon well. But, the tide is about to turn.
    Dont be too sure, Black Jack replied with a smirk. Youre strong, but defeating my boys wont be easy. Go! Feraligatr!

    Black Jack tossed out the pokeball that contained Feraligatr and he came out of it while yelling out a loud roar.

    Feraligatr! Black Jack ordered. Slash attack!
    Foolish man, Mewtwo thought to himself while smirking. He suddenly became overconfident.

    Feraligatr leapt into the air and his slash attack was about to reach Mewtwo, but he raised his arm, using his psychic powers, to stop him in his tracks. No! Black Jack thought.

    Mewtwo held him there at close range until Feraligatr spat at him in the face, temporarily blinding him. When he can see again, he saw Feraligatr coming at him with another slash attack. Mewtwo countered with a Psychic attack, blowing Feraligatr away and knocking him out.

    Mewtwo sternly looked at Black Jack not liking the underhanded move that Feraligatr pulled. Feraligatr can be sure tricky, eh? Black Jack said as he shrugged while calling back his Feraligatr. And you sure tricked him there, so that makes us even.
    So now that I have defeated your Feraligatr, who else will be my next victim? Mewtwo asked.

    Black Jack picked another pokeball and tossed it out. Nidoking! Its punch bag time! Nidoking popped out of his pokeball while crying out his battle cry.

    Nidoking! Black Jack ordered. Mega Punch attack!

    Nidoking ran at Mewtwo at the speed of a bullet. But as he gave a big punch, Mewtwo dodged the attack. Mewtwo stepped backwards while dodging each of his attacks until his back hit the wall. Nidoking saw this as a chance to finish Mewtwo off for good. He gave one big punch but Mewtwo dodged the attack again, making Nidoking smash the wall instead, making a pile of rocks to fall on top of him.

    Nidoking became buried underneath the rubble. Black Jack looked at it, waiting for Nidoking to come out. Nidoking broke out of the rubble, but he felt that his arm and legs were hurting.

    Black Jack turned to Mewtwos direction and saw that he was about to throw another fireball. Nidoking! he warned. Watch out!

    Nidoking looked at Mewtwo as he threw a fireball at him. He tried to dodge the attack but to no avail, as the fireball collided with him, causing a major explosion. Nidoking was sent flying until he fell and crashed though the ground. He picked himself up again and gave a loud roar, but suddenly he fainted. Nidoking! Black Jack cried.

    Two down, Mewtwo said. Do you surrender?
    Fat chance, Black Jack replied as Nidoking was returning to his pokeball.

    This time Black Jack sent out his Tyranitar. Tyranitar! Black Jack commanded. Tackle attack!

    Tyranitar ran at Mewtwo. Fool, Mewtwo criticised as he threw a fireball at him, causing an explosion upon impact. He expected Tyranitar to be knocked out. But suddenly, Tyranitar ran out of the smoke and dust of the explosion and shoulder tackled him.

    Mewtwo was sent flying until his back hit the wall and felt that his shoulder was injured. He slowly picked himself up. How can this be? he asked himself.

    I guess the dark defences of Tyranitar here seem to be a little bit too much for you, Black Jack replied. Dont ya think?
    Im afraid not, Mewtwo replied in a struggled tone. Its not just psychic attacks that I can use.

    As the blue aura surrounded Mewtwo, the white clouds became black. Oh man, Black Jack thought in a down tone. Whats next?

    Suddenly a huge blizzard that Mewtwo summoned came raining down on everyone. Not another blizzard! Black Jack complaind as he couldnt see a thing. Tyranitar couldnt see either and was getting hurt by the blizzard. Suddenly, a huge light beam came and hit him, causing an explosion upon impact.

    Black Jack heard the explosion and hoped that that explosion didnt concern his battle against Mewtwo. But to his disappointment, he was. As the blizzard cleared, his Tyranitar was lying on his front unconscious and he called him back.

    Now it was Black Jacks turn to battle. Even though Mewtwo has beaten Nidoking, Feraligatr and Tyranitar, he was still hurt due to Tyranitars attacks.

    Its kind of strange when you think about it, Mewtwo, Black Jack said. A human fighting against a pokemon to see whos better.
    Youre not the first human who fought against me, Mewtwo replied.
    Have you heard of another human named Ash Ketchum?
    Yeah world famous he is.
    He was no match for my psychic powers. But when he sacrificed himself to save all the pokemon and the clones that were fighting to the death, Mew and I noticed how special he was.
    Sacrificed? You mean he was
    Correct. But he was saved by the pokemons tears.

    Black Jack had a surprised look on his face. A kid sacrificing himself to save the pokemon? Black Jack thought. This Ash Ketchum is sure a gutsy kid.

    So now lets see if youre not as weak as the other humans Ive faced, Mewtwo demanded.

    Black Jack looked at Mewtwo and gave a nasty smile and an evil sjirachi.
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