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    To Frostweaver: Thanx for the review and I appreciate your comments. I'll try to improve on that chapter if I have the time. And like I promised, this fanfic will get better and better.

    Chapter 4

    At that moment, it was now a one-on-one fight; it was now Black Jack versus Mewtwo. At first, Black Jacks pokemon defeated Mewtwos clones and had a four-on-one advantage, but Mewtwo retaliated and defeated all three of Black Jacks pokemon.

    Black gave a small sjirachi and then ran at Mewtwo, but he summoned up his psychic powers again and threw him into the wall of the cave. Black Jack fell to the ground and another pile of rocks fell on top of him.

    Mewtwo stopped his psychic powers as he waited to see if Black Jack could break out of that rubble. As expected, Black Jack broke out. He looked battered and bruised, and unlike Tyranitar he was bloodied as well.

    As I thought, Mewtwo said.
    Did you really think that some rocks would take me down? Black Jack snarled.

    As Mewtwo raised his arm to summon up his psychic powers, Black Jack started running at him. Mewtwos blue aura surrounded him. To his surprise, a mixed dark and light aura surrounded Black Jack.

    What? Mewtwo said in shock. Black Jack didnt take notice of his aura as he ran faster and faster until he was able pummel him like a punching bag. The last punch knocked Mewtwo down.

    Mewtwo was down, but he quickly picked himself and was still seeing the aura around Black Jack. He suddenly sensed something inside him, he looked into his mind and saw shadows of a rare pokemon, and one of the pokemon was familiar to him. Could that be Mew? Mewtwo thought with bewilderment.

    While Mewtwo was distracted, Black Jack ran at him, unaware of his distraction, and gave him a shoulder tackle. This time Mewtwo was sent flying to the cave wall. As soon as he fell and crashed through the ground, another set of big rocks fell. This time it was on him. Mewtwo used his psychic powers again to break out of this predicament.

    You do have something about you, Mewtwo said. We have no time for games.
    You couldnt be anymore right, Black Jack replied, not knowing what Mewtwo was actually referring to. Now lets see whos stronger out of both of us.

    Mewtwo, the one-time self-proclaimed strongest pokemon in the world. Years ago, his first look of the outside world was horrendous to him. His first view of life was when he was stuck in a tube and was surrounded by scientists. When he was told that he was an experiment, he wouldnt take it. After he destroyed the laboratory, Giovanni convinced him into working with him. Mewtwo soon gained full control of his psychic powers, his psychic powers are more powerful than any psychic pokemon. After working for Team Rocket for so long, he soon discovered that Giovanni was only using him as a slave. Mewtwos anger got out of control again and destroyed the whole Team Rocket base. He kept on wondering on what his destiny was. He soon felt that his destiny was to conquer the entire planet and sets out on his own tasks. In time he discovered a young trainer named Ash Ketcum and challenged him. Even though Mewtwo defeated him, his plans were being held by Ash and Mews interference. As two of the most powerful pokemon on earth were about to finish each other off in one final blast, Ash sacrificed himself to stop them. After the tears of the pokemon and their clones that were involved in battle have revived Ash, Mewtwo saw the error of his ways and dedicated his life to protect the clones he created from the outside world.

    Black Jack, the man on his winning streak and also earned the reputation as the toughest trainer in history. Back then, he wasnt known as Black Jack; hes real name was Jack Hummingburg. When he was at young age, both of his parents died of murder. His twin brother, John, made him promise not to find the murderer. When he started on his pokemon journey, he did the things that a normal trainer would, capture pokemon, win badges, learning, the usual things. The one thing that he did everyday is that hed call his brother to check up on things. That was until Jack was forced into working for Giovanni. Jack became from a kind and gentle trainer to a cold-bloodied and cold-hearted trainer known as Black Jack. Deep inside, he felt too ashamed to call his brother anymore. He, too, worked for Team Rocket for a very long time but also discovered Ash Ketcum. After learning much about Ash for so long he couldnt take anymore of Team Rocket. Like Mewtwo, he destroyed another Team Rocket base. Now he travels around the world, looking for challenges. He has been challenging trainers and won. He has got himself into the dangers of the outside world and out. In his own words, he would say to you that he has been drinking beer and smashing heads.

    And at that moment, theyre facing each other one-on-one, human versus pokemon. This battle wasnt about greed. It wasnt about personal matters. This battle was a test of who was stronger out of the both of them.

    Mewtwo threw a fireball at Black Jack, but missed as he dodged and ran at him. Mewtwo was about throw another fireball but Black Jack quickly grabbed his head and smashed against the wall.

    Black Jack backed away to let Mewtwo pick himself up, ready to strike. As Mewtwo stood up, Black Jack ran at him but Mewtwo sensed that coming at quickly turned round while giving a backfist punch to him.

    That punch made Black Jack turn around while he staggered. Mewtwo took this as the time charge up his powers and tackle Black Jack, sending him flying until he fell and crushed through the ground.

    Black Jack picked himself, momentarily dazed with an angry look on his face. As he turned round, Mewtwo used his powers to hold Black Jack where he was standing. He struggled to lift him up, but Black Jack remained where he was. He also struggled to stay where he was.

    That aura, Mewtwo thought to himself as he struggled to lift Black Jack up. Something tells me that he has great power within him, but he doesnt seem to notice it. Im certain that hes not even aware of it.

    Im losing it Black Jack thought as he struggled against Mewtwos grip. Suddenly, a childs voice appeared in his mind again.
    You cant give up! said a voice.
    Black Jacks face of strain turned to a face of shock. What the?
    After everything youve been through, you cant give up like this! You still have loved ones that are always behind you!
    I dont know about that but youre right about the not giving up part I have a **** good reason why I shouldnt give in Im Black Jack!

    Black Jack suddenly broke out of Mewtwos bindings using his strength. That power again! Mewtwo thought as his eyes widened.

    Black Jack ran at Mewtwo and tackled his body, knocking him down. This is what I taught my Nidoking! snarled Black Jack as he started pummelling his face like a punching bag. Black Jack lifted his hand to give him one more punch but missed as Mewtwo slightly moved his head to the right and gave him a punch to the face, knocking him off.

    Black Jack and Mewtwo quickly stood up, despite the aches and pains in their bodies.

    Black Jack looked down, wondering where that kids voice came from. Was he hearing things? Was he going crazy? Was he being watched? At that moment, it didnt matter. He had a battle to fight. He looked up and looked at Mewtwo with determination and ran at him to continue battling.

    As he ran, Mewtwo shot a psychic blast at him but missed as Black Jack stepped sideways and continued running and gave a kick to Mewtwos face, knocking him down. Good thing I learned a thing or two from Blaziken, Black Jack thought.

    Mewtwo quickly picked himself up and caught Black Jack running at him to attack. Mewtwo quickly and instinctively grabbed Black Jacks arm, floored him and held his arm in an arm lock. He then used his psychic powers to increase his strength to hurt Black Jack more.

    Mewtwo held Black Jack in that hold for a long time until Black Jack found the strength to lift himself up slowly and then by elbowed Mewtwos face to make him break the hold.

    Black Jack walked back a couple of steps away from Mewtwo and then stared at him while giving a nasty smile. They then continued to battle.

    Black Jack started to run at Mewtwo again to attack. Mewtwo countered that with another one of fireballs and tossed it directly at him, exploding on impact. Mewtwo thought that he was done. But to his surprise, Black Jack ran through the smoke and punched him in the gut.

    Mewtwo spat out some blood out of his mouth as he felt the pain. After the punch, Mewtwo staggered backwards holding his gut and coughing out blood. Black Jack did the same, only he held his right arm as he used it not only to defend himself against Mewtwos attack but he also used it to hit Mewtwo with it.

    Mewtwos aura glowed around as he threw another fireball at Black Jack, causing another explosive impact and knocking him down before he collapsed.

    As they stayed down to take a breather, Mewtwo looked back in his days when he and the clones were in battle against Mew and the others. Black Jack looked back in his days when he got into many dangers and out. They were looking back so much that they felt that this could their last battle.

    Not willing to quit, both of them stood up. They were both spent, barely able to stand and barely able to breath. Black Jack, with the last energy with his body, ran at Mewtwo to give him possibly his last punch. Mewtwo gathered the last of his energies, to counter whatever Black Jacks attack might be.

    Black Jack gave Mewtwo a hook on the side of his face. But at the same time, Mewtwo gave Black Jack a punch of his own.

    Both of them staggered backwards and at the same time fell to the floor, unconscious. At that moment, the aura that surrounded Black Jack slowly disappeared. A pikachu and the other clones came to their aid. Blaziken, Salamence and Metagross popped out of Black Jacks pokeballs, knowing what happened.

    Blazi Blaziken said as he looked at both Black Jack and Mewtwo with shock. Which meant, ****
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