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    Pokemon Aquajade
    Hack of Ruby
    New music!Listen to it!ALPHA RELEASED!CHECK IT OUT!

    You start off in a town known as crashwave port,One of four harbours/Ports in the whole region.You've just moved to the serona region located south of sinnoh.Then the evil team Darksea arrive,Planning to kill the legendarys and use their power to rule the world.This is where you come in(Im not gonna make it easy).You have countless run-ins with team darksea.And on top of that you lose your badges at one point....Now they've gone too far....Well what are you waiting for?Get going!
    New Region
    Starters : Chikorita,Torchic,Squrtile
    Some Character references,
    Battle tower is now part of a city(the map will come in handy...Let just say ho-oh is involved
    All Pokemon in the dex catchable
    Run-ins with team rocket's jessie and james(wait what!?).....
    8 new leader sprites,and cameos from other leaders from kanto jhoto hoenn and sinnoh
    MUCH more in store


    I died in the alpha and i didnt visit a pkmncenter
    Why am i at Petalburg city ?
    I haven't figured out how to do "set healing place" scripts yet.
    Just use a pokemon center first chance you get.
    Why can i walk right by the bag on the ground?
    I cant do mmovement scrips yet so just click the bag
    Platinum frontier theme will be the champion music
    Boyleland might be the pokemon center music
    chicora music will be a city theme
    Don't read here if you like surprizes
    After the Elite 4

    Having saved the world you recieve a gift,from your dad,The Ferrie ticket he gives you brings you to a place known as Olivine city.From here you have two choices,to go south to th whirl islands or north east to the tower in Ecruteak City,You can battle the olivine and Ecruteak Gyms,You cant earn the badges because your not regestired in the jhoto league.You can explore to route 37 and the first part of route 38
    Route 37

    Route 38
    Route 42
    Whirl islands


    Evloution solution

    Burmy(any) + moon stone = mothim
    Burmy(Grass) +
    lvl = wormadam grass
    Burmy(trash) +
    lvl = wormadam trash
    Burmy(sand) + lvl = wormadam sand
    Burmy(sand/trash) + grass stone = Wormadam grass
    Burmy(Grass/trash) + sun stone = Wormadam sand
    Burmy(Grass/sand) + tunder stone = Wormadam trash
    Eevee + Happiness = glaceon
    Eevee + Leaf stone = leafeon
    Eevee + Thunderstone= jolteon

    Eevee + Water stone = vapereon

    Eevee + Sun stone = Espeon

    Eevee + Fire stone = Flareon

    Eevee + Moon stone = Umbreon
    Giratina(Altered) + Moon stone = Giratina(origin)
    Giratina(origin) + Moon stone = Giratina(Altered)
    Shaymin (land) + Leaf stone = Shaymin (sky)
    Shaymin (sky) + Leaf stone = Shaymin (land)[/SPOILER]
    Rotom+ Sun stone =Fan Rotom
    Rotom+ Water stone =Wash Rotom
    Rotom+ Leaf stone =Mow Rotom
    Rotom+ Fire stone =Heat Rotom
    Rotom+ Moon stone =Frost Rotom
    How to put rotom back to the original form
    (Fan/Wash/Mow/Heat/Frost) Rotom + Thunder = Normal Rotom
    Trade evolutions
    -lvl 39>
    -lvl 44>
    -lvl 47>
    -lvl 44>
    -lvl 37>
    -Water stone>
    -Water stone>
    -lvl 46>
    -Water stone>
    -Moon stone>
    -Sun stone>
    -Moon stone>
    -Moon Stone>
    -Sun stone>
    - Moon stone>
    -Leaf stone>
    -Sunstone> [/SPOILER]
    Alpha 0.4
    Repeat its an "ALPHA"
    Nothing more than a taste.
    This alpha only goes up to Oakwood village,
    short i know But thats why its 0.4 and not 1
    Crashwave port 70%
    Oakside village 55%
    Sulbryne city 15%
    Lyndwater port 2%
    ~~Alpha 1~~
    Hardwood city 0%
    Sapphire city 66%
    Pokemon event(Rilou or Pichu) -10%(im actually behind scedual)
    ~~Beta 1~~
    Windvale village
    Blueshine city
    Lakeview Terrace
    Pokemon event(Rilou or Pichu)
    ~~Beta 2~~
    Pokemon event
    ~~Beta 3~~
    Me,myself and I...
    Help will be excepted.

    Destinedjagold,Zel and a few others: for inspiration
    Dell:for providing me with my new laptop
    You: for reading the thread
    Nintendo: For making pokemon
    Tool makers,and other people: For being awsome
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