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    The only reason people complain about HM slaves is because of the term "slave". In games like Emerald and Platinum, are you really going to waste precious move slots with stuff like Rock Climb and Dive? I don't think so.

    The OP has a Wailord with all the Water HMs. Well that means you can move about easily, but it also means the Wailord is going to be destroyed by anything it can't attack effectively. It's really just a glorified HM slave in the end.

    That being said, a valid argument for HM usage can be made because there are a few Pokémon in the game which don't fully utilize their moveslots in a playthrough. But still, I'd rather have Curse in my Torterra than Strength, which is a move that doesn't add coverage and isn't very strong.

    I learned the need for HM slaves in Pokémon Gold. Feraligatr couldn't learn Waterfall back then, and, since I had already chosen it as my Water-type Pokémon, I had to have an HM slave for the purpose of beating the game.

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