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"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Name: Kagura Akagi 神楽

Age: 18
Gender: Female ♀
Place of Birth: Ecruteak City
Currently Living: Oldale Town

Appearance: She has the lean build of a young woman engaged in regular physical activity. She has large blue eyes and her sleek, black hair usually accented with a bluish or purple shine. Kagura sports a thick fringe of slightly curled bangs which hang past her eyebrows and are parted neatly in the middle as well as a few strands of shoulder-length hair in front of her ears. In normal social settings, Kagura displays a great fondness for fashionably colorful, patterned kimonos and always ties her ponytail with a large, colorful ribbon--her favorite of which is apparently a vibrant indigo-blue.

Childhood/Family Life: For many decades from Johto, the Akagi household remained a pro-traditions revered clan who puts strength and power above all else. Kagurai's mother was a stay-at-home mom, while her father became the clan's head after his own father. He constantly encouraged the clan to remember their principles; because of that, they became a constant success in many business affairs, and even the members each were profound and world class pokémon trainers. When it came to pokémon themselves, the clan never saw them as 'partners', but more so tools for business. Powerful pokémon was everything to the Akagi household, with anything less were saw as worth just as little as mere garbage.

Growing up, Kagura was mainly raised by her mother, while her father was constantly out supporting the clan and the household. Her mother was kind and wise, while her father was strict and prideful. Kagura herself, was shy and quiet around others when she was young. She had a simple and quiet childhood: spent most of her time going to school, and learned all sorts of pokémon related topics. Alongside learning about pokémon, she loved plants. She used to help her mother plant all sorts of species of flowers in their garden. On the other foot, because of her shy and meekly nature, she was constantly mocked and ridiculed by her cousins - fellow members of the Akagi household. Over time, this led to her having a lack of confidence, leading to that faithful day.

Despite her age, she was still as shy and gentle as anyone came. Her father disapproved of her nature. He wanted her to become stronger - but Pokémon battling was not her strong suit however, as she lost battle after battle against her family members. Her kind nature disapproved of pokémon becoming hurt, thus she often hesitated commanding pokémon to deliver blows to another. One day, her father had enough of her apparent weak and cowardice nature. Her father was set to disown Kagura as a member of the family and his daughter entirely. He could not accept a weak individual in the clan, even if it was her daughter. Her father ordered Kagura to leave the household. Her mother, despite her love for her, was only left with disappointment with her daughter's lack of strength for the family. Kagura became a disgrace to her family name, as she was approached by insults and slurs by her family, as she finally left, leaving her life behind.

Personality/Virtues/Skills: In a nutshell, her internal torment caused a spark within her that decided it was time for her to move on past her previous demeanor. Kagura these days now can be described as a sarcastic, sharp-tongued, yet witty individual with a strong will. Still, she remains kind and light-hearted for those who needed it, depending on a situation. She has a strong sense of pride and prefers to make her own choices, rather than letting others decide for her.

As she grew, she learned to be independent, with a constant open mind towards new aspects of culture, and new beliefs around her environment. From her never give up attitude towards the people and other matters she holds dear, one could say that is where her strength derives from. Perhaps it can be argued that she only grew strong herself from the harsh history she had.

Perhaps her greatest regret was getting to realize how pathetic her past self was. While she had recently decided to change her life for her own betterment, a part of her wishes she had the strength to make her mother and father recognize her from the get go. She was born weak in the eyes of her family and suffered for it, and to become independent, she had to work for it and make sacrifices. As such, she has the arrogance of a person who stands on her own, but still understands the feelings of those who are weak.

Other than pokémon, she loves flowers above all else. Don't be surprised if she stops in the middle of the road, taking a gander of the wild flowers that bloomed nearby, known their exact species and classification. Her favourite type of pokemon is naturally Grass, and bug pokemon is her least favourite by far. Any sight of bugs, and she shakes and cringes like none as seen before.

Likes: Flowers, Jewelry, Puns, Coffee, Kimonos, the colour pink, sounds of a rainy day, Eevees

Dislikes: Bug Pokemon, Body odor, Snakes, People who chew with their mouth open, Mustard, Muk

Starter Pokemon:

Eevee "Kouzeon" | female | bold

RP Sample:

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