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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Roberto just stared at the Scyther, "You have no idea what the Bernavard family goes through, do you?" He asked. "So, fast as well as strong. I don't expect any mercy on your side. So then, if you will permit me." Without further ado Roberto began to spin in place. He spun faster and faster as dirt was kicked from the battlefield. He didn't stop until he had a tornado of sand whipping around the battlefield. Now finished with setting up Sandstorm he readied Protect once more. No doubt Blade would charge through with some powerful attack and hopefully his Protect would be enough to protect himself and he could be quick enough to set it off before the attack hit.

    Samuel lay down against the grass and sighed, rather bored right now. Lucia on the other hand got up and walked over to Issac. "So.... how long have you been here?" She asked him. "You seem very confident with your battling skills. Also, you still haven't told me your name sir." She said politely.
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