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    oh I will hurt you. you must somehow try it now lol. greatest game in the world. then again I cant say jack as I have never played ff7,8,and 9 lol(once my vita gets fixed those will be my top priority)

    oh and
    Topic answer:what do you guys think about kh 3 being released
    I am excited that it has finally been released. heck if I had the cash I would impulse buy a ps4 on the spot. Been waiting for #3 for a long time(though I have actually only played kh2 I still know the whole story lol. coulndt help it that my ps2 broke before I could find them)

    What is your favorite FF game? ff12 hands down.
    Who is your favorite character? Auron nuff said
    do you prefer the Classics of recent remakes? Remakes. nes graphics gets on my nerves.
    Do you like the original medieval volumes to the newer modern volumes?
    What is your favorite spin off game? I like the medieval.
    Do you think the series is dyeing? (looking at you XIII)........cant tell untill I get me a ps3 and play ff13. But so far thats how it appears.
    Do you plan to play FF realm reborn or already playing it? nope. cant. bad computer and net.
    Did you get into the Beta for FF Realm Reborn? (I DID :D) nope. My internet and computer is too crappy to play it :( (sure does suck)
    Do you think Cloud killed Aerith by drowning her by accident because he presumed she was dead? okay you can kill me but.....never played 7.(never got a ps1 lol). planning on getting it once I fix my vita.
    Do you want the 4 heroes of light tradition to come back? (imagine that in some of the newer games :D) Hmmm.............I wouldnt mind if it came back actually. as long as they can make it as good as ever.
    What was the hardest boss to defeat? DIABLO from ff12 nuff said. wasnt even a friggin final boss yet and it was a weak boss at that yet it took me months to kill that creep(and I was at lv 60!).
    When did you find the series?ff1 and 2 dawn of new soul was what introduced me to ff so that would be.............when I was 12?

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