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    Chapter 1: A Good Cigar fixes all troubles.

    Tony was with his fellow senior friends playing some Poker. Once the Round was over, Tony revealed his hand: A Royal Sequence. The Elder Abomasnow simply threw the cards to the table. "Arceus Damn it, Tony! You won again!" The Elder Abomasnow said, obviously pissed for the loss.

    "What can i say? I guess i am good at playing." Tony said, picking a cigar. With his breath, he lights it up, and starts smoking. "Anyway, for another Round?" Tony said, occasionally smoking on the cigar.

    "Nope." Said Abomasnow.

    "Nah, i'm good." Said the Elder Electabuzz.

    "No." Said the Elder Charmeleon.

    "Alright. Do you want me to buy you lunch? My daughter can go get it." Tony said. Again, the three fellow Elders shook their heads. Then, they started talking about matters. They began their talk with how a Rescue Team was not efficient. Charmeleon was quiet, Abomasnow agreed due to having belonged to an Exploration Team. Electabuzz purely denied. He once was part of one after all. Tony simply laughed. He hated these kinds of idiots.

    Then, the matter changed to how Exploration Teams could be a good disguise for stealing treasures. Charmeleon was quiet, but Electabuzz quickly agreed that these were the spine of the society. Such idiotic young ones. Abomasnow was angry to hear that, though. Insulting explorers was insulting them. Tony, once again, laughed. Oh, how many has he dealt with back then. They were the spine that never left his feet.

    Following, the matter changed to how the Expedition Society did nothing useful, and that even Wigglytuff's Guild was more useful. All but Charmeleon agreed, as Charmeleon was a friend of someone who works there. Resuming, he wanted to burn Abomasnow right now, but did not. Tony laughed, still smoking his cigar.

    After a while, Tony was left alone. Abomasnow was needing health care, and Yuri had escorted him to the health wing. Gelius needed to do cleaining in Charmeleon's room, which was locked. And Electabuzz was needing to go outside for a walk. Tony looked to outside. It was a beautiful day indeed. And Tony did not even care about that. Surely, Momoko, that Froslass that talks to no one, hated this day. So she was reading some books.

    Tony gave a cough, but nothing too violent. Resuming to read the newspaper, he kept smoking the cigar. Suddenly, Gelius, that non-motivated staff member, came up. "Hey, old hag! You got visits." He said, returning to his position again. Tony remembered the day he started working here. Ah yes, he did absolutely nothing. And that got into some mocking in the beginning. Tony did give almost no cares to the society of today. He had important matters, more than society.

    Tony simply saw three of his six sons come in. The ones who ran the business as partners. "Papa!" The Younger Honchkrow said, moving in for a hug to the so beloved father. "Donatello Junior! È bello vederti. Cosa ti porta qui? Visita familiare? ... O sei venuto a discutere di affari? Forse entrambi?" Tony spoke Italian to the younger Honchkrow, the one named Donatello Junior. It would translate to: "Donatello Junior! It's good to see you. What brings you here? Family Visit? ... Or did you come to discuss business? Maybe both?"

    "Indeed." The Persian, named Voight, spoke. "We have matters to discuss." Voight said. Lola, the Purugly, sat down, along the two other brothers.

    And there they were. Speaking of business, and family as well. Tony said they were fine, and so did the other three. It was all going well right now. But Business was not going well. Donatello revealed that a Skuntank was owing a huge load of cash to the mafia. Tony's mafia. He promised to pay the debt, but never did, and now money was needed. Tony suggested "Go beat him up some sense. Don't go straight for elimination." Tony recommended. They continued to talk for a good while to be honest.

    After a while, the three had to leave. Tony was once again, left alone, smoking his cigar. He simply resumed reading the newspaper.
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