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Pharrah yawned, her snout opening up to reveal jaws stained dark purple from last night's snacking on bluk berries (which she really should be cutting down on, according to the doctors, but when did she ever follow doctors' orders?). She felt her bones, whatever was left of them, creaking as she slithered off her bed (arguably the most extravagant bedding in the entire home), putting on her shades. She stumbled around in morning blindness, trying to get her muk together. Right now, "muk" meant her daytime look that comprised of a magenta silk scarf, a flower crown apparently handcrafted by a Comfrey, her trusted purse (blessed by the hands of Versmearce, the designer himself) and a flowing summer dress that accentuated her casual coyness.

She left her room, making her way downstairs to the reading room, where she spied Charlotte, bringing in the daily mail and the home's subscriptions.

"Could I have my papers, Lottie my love?"

Charlotte obliged, sifting out the fashion magazines which Pharrah so loved to page through every day.

"Would you mind some tea, ma'am?" the young girl asked.

"Oh yes m'dear. And oh, I told you to call me 'miss', I'm not that old."

Pharrah winked over her shades towards the spinarak, who crawled out of the reading room to the pantry.

The old salazzle turned her attention back to the magazines.

"Oh!" She feigned a gasp. "Girls can get away with showing lots of shoulder these days!"
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