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    Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
    Here is my latest map.

    The name of the Town is Vetus Town

    The word Vetus comes from Latin meaning old. It is directly related to another town in my region called Novum town. Novum means new. The cave in the western side of town holds half of an ancient prophecy and story of the region. The second cave is located in Novum Town, which is accessed earlier. You encounter this town in between the 1st and 2nd Gyms.

    Oh and there will also be Wingull and Pelliper flying overhead at most times, as well as some undersea Pokemon which can be seen through the water at times.
    loving the graphics, they are amazing, it doesnt seem to be really "old" or anything, but other than that it looks pretty good and has a really nice feel to it. also, nice triforce reference :P
    a thing I see wrong though is the flag post, the shadows around the houses have it more to the lower right, so the flag post should be the same way, but the town has a really nice feel to it. Good job!

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