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    Originally Posted by BettyNewbie View Post
    As much as I dislike the way Misty was booted off of the show with little closure, I also don't think Ash, Brock, and the TRio benefited at all from staying past Johto.

    The moment Ash stepped into Hoenn was the moment he stopped being a character with an ongoing storyline and became a generic mascot protagonist who served no purpose besides marketing the Yellow Rat and whatever new Pokmon were deemed the most "marketable." His story became a neverending loop of league losses and hard resets, and his characterization became completely inconsistent and based entirely on whatever the tone of the arc called for. It's a broken record, and it makes the show feel like a joke.

    As for Brock and the TRio, it's plainly obvious that both were kept around past Johto for comic relief purposes, and their characters completely flatlined as a result. One can only go through the same stale routine of drooling over Joy/Jenny/COTD or failing to catch Pikachu every episode. At least, Brock was mercifully let go of after DP, but the TRio haven't been so lucky.

    I've said it a million times, but this show would've really benefited from sticking to the original plan of ending Ash's story in Johto and have subsequent sagas be reboots with new casts. Even the best characters become stale when they stick around for more than 4 or 5 years, and it also makes continuity more difficult to maintain.

    Plus, wouldn't it also make more sense from a game marketing perspective to use characters from the actual games themselves as the stars of the show? The game counterparts of Ash, Brock, and the TRio were nowhere to be found in RSE and DPPt, so why did we still get them in the Hoenn and Sinnoh animes while actual characters from those games like Brendan, Wally, and Lucas were left to rot? How is that advertising the new games? >_>
    By showing off the new pokemon, gym leaders, towns, and the different things you can do thats not battling.
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