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    Originally Posted by raichuchika View Post
    GOD zaiku, i thought id b voted 4 a better category than that... how am i annoying? (do u STILL remember the mewthree thread? cant we just 4give and 4get? ive gotten better since then... :'() jk... jk... each 2 his own...

    ive made sum changes.

    RPer Of the Month: AAC-M, ~Hazel~, Random_Fan

    Most Annoying RPer: AAC-M, Zaiku (sry, its just the truth... no offence, ur still a decent rper... probably in many pple's eye's better than me...), DRAPION_DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAIT, UR SAYING JBCBLANK IS A GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?!!? :shocked:
    Relax, I didn't mean any offence either... But I will be honest, the Mewthree thread did come into influence for this, but... About the whole forgiving and forgetting thing, I have nothing to forgive you for, because I'm not mad about it, it was just annoying. Also if you want to know why you also got annoying, is also because of your chatspeaking... There's nothing wrong with it, I just find it irritating, but do what you want, right? I'm not gonna stop you...

    EDIT: Wait! I just noticed the
    jk... jk... each 2 his own...
    now... if you didn't want an actual explanation, just don't bother with the above paragraph. My bad...
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