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    Suddenly Ended Battle, Eterna City


    Invisible Claws

    Yula, Amethyst

    A battle had ended as soon as it had begun. Amethyst just sort of let her guard down, as the weird and possibly insane girl turned from 'battle to the death' to 'oh boy new friends!' and began rambling. Amy didn't really pay attention to it. She was still distracted with staring at her own hand. How... How did I do that...? I... I swear I missed... Maybe... I could test this... She looked around a moment before approaching a stone building. She let her hand graze the wall, and then examined it.

    "No... No marks... Strange..." Curling her hand into a fist, she lightly punched the wall. When she released her hand, there were three marks deeply gashing the stone. She examined her hand once more. "That's so... Odd..." She quietly returned to Lucy's side, glancing around and realizing that she had nowhere to go. Looking up at Lucy with tender, begging (and differently colored) eyes, she spoke up to her, "U-um... W-would you please take me with you? I have nowhere else to go..."

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