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Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Arcea seemed immediately uneasy about Tim's request, taking a short, deep breath before turning her gaze on Hailey. Hailey's attention meanwhile had been grabbed. She looked up at Tim with somewhat harsh eyes that seemed to attempt to see straight through him. It was then that Hailey finally spoke up, an uncanny, wicked grin materializing on her face.

Hailey: "...Yeah, we'll help you~"

Arcea frowned, going silent and attempting to mask her discomfort. Hailey clearly had ulterior motives to want to help Tim, and yet given the fact that children's city was the result of genocide against adults it was really easy to just... not give it too much thought what her motives were. Perhaps adults had done something poor to her. It seemed like Arcea might once again understand a bit more than anyone else, or perhaps that wasn't it at all. It was hard to say. After a moment Arcea spoke up, in a somewhat passive tone.

Arcea: "Uh... y'know, maybe we don't need to do this. They're--"

Hailey abruptly interrupted Arcea, her voice raised. Before she could finish a single word however she erupted into a coughing fit however, and Arcea waited a moment for her to recover. When Hailey continued her voice was at a more normal volume.

Hailey: "...Arcea, don't be such a lunkhead. I thought you /listened/ when I talked to you, but I guess you can't be blamed for being /human/."

Hailey used the term human as if it were a dire insult, and Arcea averted her eyes in a guilty manner.

Haiey: "...The corruption and evil of adults is what put us in this mess to start with. From the day pokemon left the earth to the many wars that helped bring us to the point we're at. Even Arceus himself condemned them when he denied them the chance to redeem themselves, giving that chance only to us."

Hailey paused a moment.

Hailey: "...They are a blight that must be purged from this world."

Hailey shook her head as if clearing her thoughts physically before turning her own attention to Tim. Arcea had fallen eerily silent, and seemed to be in low spirits now. At this point, it was quite apparent that she... Well, she talked like she was much older than she was! Hailey turned to Tim, acknowledging him fully now in a somewhat less hostile manner.

Hailey: "I'm Hailey, The Shatterer. We'll fight for your cause. ...The adults won't leave their city willingly. Killing them is the only way--They will probably have slave spirit wielders that will be willing to fight us."

Arcea abruptly interrupted Hailey. This time her voice was a bit frantic.

Arcea: "Hailey--Please don't kill them..!"

Hailey went silent for a moment, turning her gaze to Arcea and slowly narrowing her eyes before relenting in a very apathetic manner.

Hailey: "...The wilderness will be no more forgiving than their crumbling city, but if you wish you may try to save them."

Hailey turned her gaze back to Tim.

Hailey: "How many of us are there, what is our plan, and when do we strike..?"

She was rather blunt about what she asked, apparently assuming he /had/ a plan. Silently, however, she was already thinking up a plan of her own, in the event he had none.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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