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Creed Reese
Confrontation Outside Eterna

"This place isn't as scary as Mako's books said, what with there being no pokemon in it and all," Creed said with his hands in his pockets. "I'm a little amazed that Mako's still asleep, he was probably exhausted from all that's happened as of late, so now I'm just left here to talk to myself." Creed didn't know where he was going specifically, but he did know the way out, he could hear the sounds of Eterna City in the distance. Granted, the place certainly wasn't bustling, but he could hear the children's toiling from inside the forest. "I guess since no one's in the forest I might as well head out..." Creed let out a sigh and then headed out of the forest towards Eterna City.

At the exit of the forest path stood five adult men, they most likely were on patrol and happened to hear Creed's chattering and movements in the forest. "Crap!" Creed said, getting into a defensive position. Creed may have been strong, but five grown men against one blind child didn't seem to put the odds in his favor. He used Dark Pulse to get the men off of their guard and changed quickly into a full on dash into the direction of Eterna City. Unfortunately, more people were waiting there; he was surrounded. "Crap, crap, crap, crap..." He chanted to himself over and over as the adults closed in on him. He knew that they wouldn't kill him, they likely would force him to do hard labor, and if he rebelled, then they would kill him. However, the problem was that Mako was already traumatized from his slavework, and more labor of that caliber may have caused him to do something...drastic. It was all or nothing, this was a life or death situation no matter which way you looked as it. Creed looked to the sky, hoping for some miracle to save him. To save Mako.
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