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    @Supervegeta: I wouldn't be opposed to it, but there are a few reservations that Oda would have about Marcus. One, the mistrust that was placed on her when she first joined sword, because of her family history of dying a lot. This bred some resentment towards officers, but could be overcome for individuals.

    Two, the fact that Marcus is only 29 and he already has the equivalent rank to Field Marshal, which is way faster than most examples of commanding officers in history. Combined with the fact that he has, in the past, used his power to get his private family into the Family, makes her distrust his true competence with suspicions of foul play.

    Third is that he's a commanding officer who prefers to work solo, which goes against the very nature of his rank. With that knowledge, she believes he'd be far more fit to be an Adept (Or the commander of a squad of them), as opposed to commanding the entire Sword Sector.

    Nothing that can't be solved, but those are the feelings she'd have based on the sign-up form on page 3.
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