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    Here are some errors I have found I also need help ASAP.

    I found an error in the Refining process no matter how many Professional belts you have you can refine it into a black belt including if you have 0 though eventually you are forced to stop though not for a long while.
    You can get 99 refine them into different things and get more several times
    I think the limit of times you can do it is in the 500's.

    Also a much more important error is losing almost all of my speed when I entered the Brevis Town Center and healed and than checked the refining list when I exited everything is slower now Walking speed, Bike, looking at the Map though NPS seem to be at the same speed they were before as is text also not sure if this is related but I am often walking on top of whatever form Eevee is in.
    I then checked if Exiting the game after saving and coming back would fix it but it sadly is not fixed my other saves were not affected but I am unsure of what I should do to fix this.
    Finally I am fairly sure these two errors are linked but I can now walk through walls or at least the Pokemon center counter.

    On the Route 2 Pokemon Center after I healed everything speed-ed back up
    in fact I think it was even faster than before but I can no longer leave
    because when I try I speed off towards blackness so I am fairly sure I am walking through the exit.
    Also whenever I go into something that flash's black before use like the map Jolteon is running like crazy to all the sides before coming back and running through me taking a step cures the small error.

    Is there any way for me to PM you my save so you can take a look at it if you do not have an idea how to help.
    I am really concerned my last save I was in other than my main I was several levels lower.

    Also on a side note this is not an error but a question. Why can so few Pokemon learn Mega Punch and Mega Kick out of my entire Party only Kadabra of all People could learn it!?

    Also I have forgotten if you answered this before but does this game have Special/Phisical split?

    Also there is now no Battle Music or normal music did you mean to do this or is this another error?
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