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Wow, lots of Zubat! Congratulations. Hope you find what you were looking for, though. [:

So, I was chaining today for shiny Shinx, Ralts, or Ponyta (in that order). I failed miserably because I had missed something while learning how to chain. But, once I understood, I continued in trying to get a shiny Ponyta. After 12 chains, I walked to a normal shaking spot of grass- the one farthest away from my character.

It turned out to be a RE shiny. <3
I've been hoping for a shiny Ponyta for ages. I was so shocked, but incredibly happy. This totally made my day.

Brave nature, often lost in thought, likes spicy food, level 14, and female. I'll post pictures later. I'm going to be cloning her for trading.
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