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    Havn't been on in a while due to having 3 stressful school weeks which also means I havn't really been able to hunt. Anyway I guess congrats to all of you who got a shiny recently, and welcome to any new members. And ~Rai~ hats off to you. I mean over 275,000 SR's without finding a shiny Volcarona, I probably would've put it in hold at 100,000 for like 3 months, anyway hope that one shines soon.

    As for my hunts, really not much progress, I decided to restart my Abra hunt from a while back:
    Dialga: 5586 SR's
    Random Chaining: Not much luck I can never get over 20 pokemon now apparently.
    Abra:65 Pokemon
    Tympole 249 RE's

    BTW:TheShinyEevee, I just noticed you're also hunting Dialga, so what do you say wanna race?
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