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So, Stairway to Heaven's plot is largely derived from an RP of mine called Mirrors: A Kanto Story, in which I actually played Lauren, who is a secondary character in Stairway. Moving to Stairway though, I felt she didn't have the right personality to be an engaging central protagonist which is how Eloy came to be. Layla and Gwen were originally rival NPCs I developed for the RP as well, but I've developed their characters a fair bit from that original blue print.

The Sigia region that Stairway is set in was originally something I created for a fan game project I was involved in. I decided to look back on it and bring it to life and flex my worldbuilding muscles with it again for my fic. I wanted to differentiate my story further from it's basis and I wanted to give readers somewhere new and exciting to explore.

I'm sure I'll have more to share later, but that's a bit about Stairway to Heavan's origins.