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    Originally Posted by NovaStar View Post
    I like it, I see no tile errors (other than the one biker on the right) and it seems like it could work in a real game. Your flower placement isn't uniformed which is good and the layout doesn't look too open or too crowed.
    Overall it's a pretty good starting town. 8/10

    Now for my map, or should I say maps.
    Map Name: Onset Cape/ Route 1
    Map Game: Unnamed as of now (Emerald Rom)
    Credits: No fancy tilesets, just the regular Emerald ones.
    Comments: Onset Cape is the starting town of hack I'm working with it. It has to entrances/ exits, leading out into the first route. The first route itself fits the linear path most of the games have. I can say now that I see a few tile errors with the sand but I can fix them in a heart beat.

    I like it, I love how there's a distance between the buildings. However, there's alot of empty space, and why did you use the Secret Base trees? They don't look very good, and I think it will look better if you use normal trees. There are some tile errors aswell to the right when the rocks reach the water, and the cliff at the top stops without an end. Overall, pretty good, but it can be better: 7.5/10