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Originally Posted by adventure View Post
You know, you could make one picture per RP, and have the Theatre banner change every week. If more RPs pop up, or some die, we can throw them into the rotation queue~
Originally Posted by Ech View Post
Actually, this seems like an interesting idea -- albeit it sounds somewhat overtaxing especially if this project ends up just being mostly Mayo, Kitty and myself. It's always fun to alternate between different themes, so if everyone is willing to go the extra mile and produce multiple banners based on various RPs (preferably relevant ones that managed to last longer than two pages) then I'm completely up for the extra challenge.
It is a pretty neat idea, but there are a few things I'm worried about. For one thing, it doesn't really feel as much like a collaborative piece, and it might not be as evident to lurkers or newcomers that it's meant for all of RPT as opposed to highlighting one "super gud" RP or something. Also, given that we counted something like fourteen RP threads, if we included all of them and they rotated weekly, it would take three and a half months to complete just one full cycle.

If it's obsoletion we're worried about, there's the possibility of going back every couple of months and replacing inactive or completed RPs with new ones, though that might get messy.

And there's also the workload problem Ech brought up. While I am more than willing to put in the effort, I'm not sure I'd have the time. I am the slowest person at drawing stuff you've ever met omg

I guess it depends on whether people like the idea of rotating a random RP to highlight every week and keeping it relevant better, or whether people would prefer to see their RP as part of a bigger whole, all the time.

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